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Friday, July 16, 2010

Comparison with Mega's '10' and 'Confetti' brands

Posted by Libby's Pink Vanity at 7/16/2010 08:29:00 PM
Back in early June, I found a couple of new nail polish brands.  Check it out here.  And though it's been thought that there isn't anything new with these two brands and they are all cremes, I'm OK with that.  The prices, at $1.99 and $3.99, were right.

I haven't taken the time, and, have the depth of polishes to do dupe postings.  But I saw an opportunity with '10' and 'Confetti.'  It seemed there were some dupes within the display, so I made a purchase.  Not only did I want to compare the colors but also the formulas as well.
Here we have 10 with #449 label on top and 'From Paris With Love' (listed on back) and Confetti's Crimson Cutie.  This photo, taken outside, makes them look pretty damn close in color.  Maybe the Crimson Cutie is a bit more shimmery???
Now in this photo, they really do look similar.
Here they are on my nails.  I won't make you guess which one is which.  That gives my brain a cramp!!  The #449 is on the thumb, middle and pinky.  Crimson Cutie is on my index and ring finger.  The ring and pinky look identical, to me.
#449 could be a bit deeper.  As far as the formulas, Confetti is just a little bit thinner.  However, it wasn't HUGELY noticeable.   As a note, I have on BC, Seche Clear, 2 coats of color, 2 coats of Clear and 1 of Seche Vite.
Here's my 'duh' move; I was going to alternate the colors opposite on my right hand.  However, I watch TV when I polish, obviously entrenched in watching 'Operation Repo!'  I polished only the middle finger with #449.
Trying to have an objective opinion, comparing them visually, was hard.  I asked Mr. Kimberly if he could tell which nails were painted differently.  Another 'duh' moment; Mr. Kimberly is blue/green color blind!!

Quite honestly, the photos show more of a color difference than they do in real life.  The lasting power of both was the same despite the thicker and more pliable formula of '10.' 

My recommendation would be to get the cheaper, Confetti.  The look and wearability are the same for both.  I'd only recommend the '10' over Confetti if you are particular about the smoothness of the polish going on.

 I know that I'll pick the Confetti brand, if there are dupes, between the two.  Not that big of a difference to make a difference.  Just the prices.  Give me your thoughts.


fierce nails and beauty on July 16, 2010 at 9:05 PM said...

too similar to tell them apart.
from your first photo i thought only the thumb had a different colour haha it looks slightly darker, other than that i would assume it was all the same polish and colour.
Great way to compare products, and what a great price.

KarenD on July 20, 2010 at 10:15 AM said...

There does seem to be a fair bit of overlap between these two brands. I haven't tried any of the reds (or the shimmers for that matter) but for the lilac and taupe cremes I did get, I liked the 10 better; only needed two coats of 10 to three of Confetti to get them to look the way I wanted, which makes them about the same value per ounce. Confetti does have some fun colors that 10 doesn't so I'll buy those.

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