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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tool Tuesday: Cuticle Nippers

Posted by Kimberly Purcell at 6/05/2012 08:26:00 PM
On my purchase list at the recent hair/nails/skin licensed professional convention, was to get a good pair of cuticle nippers. I have two pair and one is from way back when I went to nail tech school...over 2 decades ago. Gasp!

It was high time to replace both of the ones I had. I was going to be at the perfect place too. Here is what I got...
I stopped by a booth that was selling a variety of nail tools from nippers to acrylic nail brushes to twizzers. This company had 17 different cuticle nippers to choose from. The best I could do was find a pair that felt comfortable in my hands and was plenty sharp. The above was the pair I chose.

These babies are sharp too...

I made sure that the hinge was smooth, as some of them seemed like they 'hitched' when pinched together. The two blades needed to match perfectly. And, even though I made my choice by looking and testing a demos, I went through the same inspection with the pair I paid for too.

Even though I had my old pair since 1990, it had only become dull, not rusted or pitted. Taking very good care of them made a difference. I do know it was a quality pair and was part of a 3-set made by a Germany company. Back then, I paid $65 for the set. My new pair, $12.

Time will tell if I picked a good one. So far, I'm really pleased. I'm actually 'nipping' instead of 'pulling' like before. And I found the instructions on the back of the package really easy to follow...
How good are your cuticle nippers?


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