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Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Stinkin' Cute Winner for The Stinkin' Cute Giveaway

Posted by Libby's Pink Vanity at 1/30/2011 02:15:00 PM 10 comments
The winner is Ashley  of

Do check out her precious blog.  She is keeping it real, aka authentic.

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Whoa, that's a lot of entries to filter through.  Guess what I have done for the past, accumulated hours?!  I was surprised, but there were only 10 disqualified entries. 70% of them because they didn't give me their email addy. :(
I'm going to email Miss Ashley and send off her cute stuff right away.  Congrats, Miss Ashley!!!!!  :D
And thank you everyone else.  I'm really happy to have this blog to share my fun and hobby with.  I have made new Internet friends and am having a BALL!  If you are thinking about doing something like this, I so encourage you to do so.  There are lots of others that are looking to share and make friends with you.  
Look forward to my St. Valentine's Day giveaway too!  Can you guess which holiday Libby's Pink Vanity ADORES!!!!!!
Brother Sebastian is waiting for his favorite show: QVC.  lol
Note the 12' brown wrapping paper.  This is Libby's favorite toy.  Sebastian knows to not even lie on it.  
(I want a big screen TV too! Look at that ancient thing!)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Giveaway is Closed****Time to Tabulate

Posted by Libby's Pink Vanity at 1/29/2011 08:12:00 PM 9 comments
Hi, dear readers!

I think the Stinkin' Cute Giveaway has been a real success!  I have lots of entries to tabulate PLUS, everyone BEFORE the giveaway started got an entry just for being a follower!  That was 473 followers right there.

The winner will be announced, hopefully, tomorrow.  I think this is going to be a large undertaking!  But I'm happy to do that because it's fun to share and have these giveaways.  I can't believe that I have the next 4, and now I'm working on #5, giveaways already lined up!  I hope that entices you to continue to follow Libby's blog. :)  She's thrilled to have you all as followers.  No, really!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Can You Help A Blogger?

Posted by Libby's Pink Vanity at 1/26/2011 08:21:00 PM 20 comments
You may know that I am a freelance merchandiser. I work on various projects for different companies. I have a total of 4 major companies I work for that are permanent contracts. That means they go on continuously.

One of the companies I do work for is The 11 Agency. They were actually the first company I started with when I untethered myself from the office cubicle. They are having a contest and I'd love to win.

They are giving the person that can get the most 'likes' on their Facebook fan page a HD webcam. Oh yea...I can so get this with everyone's help. It will be great for YouTube tutorials!!! :D

Click here and like their page. And then, let me know you did so as I need to send in a list for their verification.

Also, if you are looking for part-time merchandising work, you can check their fan page for opportunities in your area. I can vouch that this is a great company to work with. I have done 3 other projects for them other than my 'forever' contract and it has been fun.

I thank you BUNCHES for helping me out. :DDD Let me know what name you use for Facebook too. You can certainly email me privately at libbyspinkvanity(at) to let me know too.

Click here and 'like'.

Garnier: Skincare Without Breaking the Bank

Posted by Libby's Pink Vanity at 1/26/2011 04:24:00 PM 4 comments
I like fresh starts...most of the time.  However, when that fresh start involves a computer and trying to recover data...well, let's say, not so fresh words are coming out of my mouth.

Something I am working on is a 14 Day Valentine's Day Manicure Marathon.  I want to do 14 days straight of manicures for the Holiday of Love.  I think my first few manicures for this are saved on my camera.  Thanks, Cupid Angel!

So while I work on gearing up for that, here's a beauty product review.

Garnier has got to me.  All the lush commercials, the little samples in my magazines and coupons for products that are not as expensive as a spending spree at Tiffany's, Garnier is rockin' my skincare regimen.

Here are two I'm using and loving right now...
I started out with just the Moisture Rescue.  I was out of the cleansing lotion I had and wanted to try something else.  Getting a coupon made this transition easy.  I find it to be super rich and moisturizing.  More moisturizing than I would have expected.  This is very good news on my face.  I am drying out.  Becoming a raisin!!!  But, not without a viscous fight.

Moisture Rescue is very creamy and leaves my skin almost baby soft.  Washes away my super-duper mascara quite easily too.  I've been using through 2 tubes and I can say I will continue using Moisture Rescue.

I got another coupon for a Garnier cleanser and this time I picked up 'Skin Renew.'  This is three products in one.  And this is DA BOMB!  It cleanses and does a great job of it.  It scrubs the dead cells off the surface so that the glowing skin below shines through.  And third, it detoxifies as a mask.  If you have ever used a clay mask, you have an idea of how 'Skin Renew' feels and works.  And, since my skin isn't very thick, the exfoliating scrub isn't overly abrasive.  The corn starch may be the scrubbing ingredient.  However, it's the only ingredient listed that I think is the abrasive.  I do know that I get a very good, deep cleanse with this product.

The Moisture Rescue I use 4 to 5 times a week.  I will use the Skin Renew the other nights when I wash up.    The two main reasons I will continue to use Garnier is that one, it respects my skin and the moisture it needs and two, the very reasonable cost.  The drugstore price on both of these are around $8.  $1 off coupons are easy to come by too.

Recommendations, yes if you have dry and/or blackhead prone skin.  If you have oil, the kaolin clay in the Skin Renew will make a nice mask for your face.  If you avoid sodium laureth/lauryl sulphate, as well as methlyparaben, you will not want to use these two products.

Got any Garnier recommendations you can make?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

I'm Working on a 14 Days to Valentine's Day Marathon

Posted by Libby's Pink Vanity at 1/23/2011 06:27:00 PM 11 comments
I ended up with a virus on my computer last night.  It blocks every function except the one to purchase their anti-virus/spyware program.  Since I will not be forced into purchasing something I do not want or have no need for (wait...why didn't the virus protecters I have not catch this???), this incidious malware now connects me to porn.

So I'm laid up, so to speak.  My hubs has 'generously' allowed me to 'borrow' time on his computer.  But since I got a virus on mine, he is very leary (even more so) to allow me on his computer.  The only reason I've been able to use his computer is because of all the football this weekend.  *sigh*

Anyhoo, on to the subject of this blog.  :)  I'm working on a 14 Day Marathon of Valentine's Day inspired manicures.  I did race up to Ulta today and get the 4-pack mini's of Katy Perry's OPI collection along with a Shatter.  I'm looking forward to adding in a Shatter look with at least one of these upcoming pinks.

Next weekend ends my Stinkin' Cute giveaway.  And there will be another one right on the heels of that one!  Stay tuned!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Deal With the Devil And I Win!

Posted by Libby's Pink Vanity at 1/19/2011 07:46:00 PM 7 comments
The Stinkin' Cute Giveaway is still running until 1/29/11.  Skip over here and enter.

I picked up this polish a couple of months ago at a cheap beauty store.  You know the ones that sell hair and wigs.  I go in to look at the makeup and polish.  I found this one there...

This is Ruby Kisses' 'Deal With The Devil.'  I love that name because this is a seductive, inky blue, so dark you'd think, at first glance, it is black.

This was a shock to me; this polish went on like a dream!  And it was a buck!!!  And...get this, this is just 2 coats!

I have 2 coats of Seche Clear and the final coat of Vite.  This polish wore quite well.  The brush is just the normal, skinny one.  But I like that the bottle is oblong; easy to hold.   I found my pleasant surprise at that beauty store.  I must go back!

If you like inky colors, what one do you like best?  Do you have any off brand polishes that you love?

GingerKitty's Shatter Polish Jewelry Giveaway

Posted by Libby's Pink Vanity at 1/19/2011 04:00:00 PM 3 comments
I like jewelry.  I like it a lot and, I have a lot.  That doesn't mean I don't want to continue to add to my collection either.

Check out this website owned by Tracey called 'GingerKitty Designs.' 

This very generous sweetie is hosting a giveaway of one of her creations.  See, she makes jewelry out of nail polishes.  It's a trade secret how she creates this magic, but it's freakin' amazing!!!

Want to see more of her creations?  Go to her Esty store.

I'm so going to get something, I just can't pick which one.  OK...I'll get more than one.  My jewelry collection can't be complete without at least one of these pretties by my friend, Tracey.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award or, Self-Promotion

Posted by Libby's Pink Vanity at 1/16/2011 05:36:00 PM 0 comments

I have awarded myself the Stylish Blogger Award!!!  No, I'm so not a stylish blog.  I can talk about style but my style isn't what I'd call trendy.  In fact, I feel I have to work really hard to not settle into a soccer-mom style.  Nothing wrong with that look, just not the one I, personally, want.

So these are the rules to the Award:

1. Thank and link the person who gave it to you
She didn't give it to me; I'm sort of borrowing it. ;) This is That's SO Fresh.  She does create some fun nail art.  And, she has a giveaway going on of her own.

2. Share 7 random facts about yourself
1.  I have a Sixth Sense that scares other people and amuses me. (No, I don't see dead people.)
2.  I am into Kettlebells.  This is a great total body/total cardio workout.
3.  One of the jobs that I do takes me into 2 different county jails. I am always escorted so I feel totally safe.  But it is an experience.
4.  I have a bestie that lives in Indiana.  I have known her for over 8 years.  But I have never actually seen her or talked with her.  It's been all through emails.
5.  I love to paint rooms.  I find it relaxing.  That's really curious.
6.  Kinuko Craft is one of my favorite artist.  This painting is the one I have over my bed.
7.  I love reading the 'actual' stories by the Brothers Grimm.  They are way different than the watered down versions we grew up with as kids.                                                                            

3. Give the Award to 15 other bloggers and let them know about it
I'm going to cheat.  I've seen this award on other blogs that I follow.  So, if you have read this, haven't been awarded this, and have a blog, you are IT!  Take it and share with your followers.  Have fun. :)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Two New Wet 'N Wild Polish Swatches

Posted by Libby's Pink Vanity at 1/15/2011 06:51:00 PM 8 comments
Ahhhh...I think it's a stinkin' cute giveaway.  I picked up fun stuff that you may not splurge on yourself but would like to have.  Check it out here and enter.

Wet 'N Wild Cosmetics is one of my favorite brands.  One, they are usually easily found at Walgreens.  And two, they are affordable.

They just released a new promotion and it's selling out as fast as Wags can get them.
Here's a couple of polishes I picked up...

Slickly named after well-known television shows, this one is called 'Hannah Pinktana.'  A medium purple that has pink and purple micro-glitter.
Here in the sunny window.
Here outside.  A really nice sunny morning.

Here's the downside: this is EIGHT coats of polish!!!!  I was set on going as many as needed to get my nails to look like the color in the bottle.  S-O-U-P-Y.  Now, it wasn't gritty but it took a lot to get it to opaque. 
Other than that, I love this one.

Then I tried "Blue Wants To Be A Millionaire."

Same sparkles but in blue this time.  These sparkles look iridescent.

In the sunlight you can see how thin the polish shows up on my nails.  This is 4 coats.  I did top off with 2 coats of Seche Clear and 1 Seche Vite.  Way too thin and soupy for me.  I think I would have needed 8 coats of 'Blue Wants To Be A Millionaire' to get it to the same opaqueness as 'Hannah Pinktana.'

So, I'm more than a bit disappointed in these polishes performance.  I love the colors though.  Maybe next time I'll play with different colors underneath and see if I can find something that will make these pop.

What color and/or polish would be good to use underneath either of these?  Did you get these and what do you think about the depth of the coats?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Stinkin' Cute Giveaway

Posted by Libby's Pink Vanity at 1/13/2011 06:55:00 PM 200 comments
You know what's cute?
But you know what's really cute?
That would be Libby's pinky lips.

But, you want to know what's STINKIN' CUTE???
These are.
So are these.
And these are as well.

When I told my hubs I was thinking of a 'stinkin' cute' giveaway, he thought I should 'test' out that label as someone might be offended by it.  I said 'so what.'  If it offends anyone, they just don't have to enter.  How simple is that!?  But 'stinkin' cute' is meant as a term of endearment, seriously.  And that's what I feel about my followers; you are all so cute!

Everything here is new, purchased by me and all to one prize winner.  But you got to enter.

*1)  You must be a follower of my blog.  Note this in your comment and what name you use.  You must have your email address on every entry you make. 

*2)  Tweet about it, with a link back to here, and let me know.  1 extra entry
*3)  Post about this on your Facebook, with a link back to here, let me know.  1 extra entry
*4)  Post this on your blog; put on the sidebar, on your listing giveaways, anyway is good, as long as you have it somewhere visible on your blog. Have your post link back to here and let me know your link.  3 extra entries on this one.

*5) If you are a follower of my blog already, you automatically get an entry.  1 extra entry

Giveaway is international.  You can do all entries on one comment or each individually, just make sure you put your email address on each entry.  Any entry that doesn't have an email address, gets removed from the entries.  If you have won with me before, you can still enter!  I'll notify the winner by email after the drawing and the winner needs to respond back to me within 48 hours or, we will draw another entry.

This giveaway closes on Saturday, 1/29/11, at 9 PM EST.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I Like Money, But...

Posted by Libby's Pink Vanity at 1/11/2011 02:12:00 PM 6 comments
I had lunch yesterday with Kari who runs OnceBitten.  I was smittened; I was having lunch with a nail blogger who I admire and she is a celebrity.  Kari is a puppeteer.  Like I told her, not the Punch and Judy stuff!  These puppets are truly dinosaur size!  Go check out her blog to find out more about her and to see her in depth reviews on nail polishes and beauty products.

As a follower, you may know my unpropitious feelings for boring nail polish names.  Here's a surprise then.  Revlon's 'Copper Penny' didn't do it for me.  Yep, it was one I said 'meh' to. 
Sunny window photo.
Outdoors in the sunlight.  (It's gorgeous here in Orlando today.)
Tip wear in under 24 hours.  Here in the sunny window again.

In the sunlight is the only attribute I find for 'Copper Penny.'  It was fussy to apply.  I have just 2 coats here and maybe could have done 3.  I have 2 coats of Seche Clear and one Vite over this.  It's got a few bubbles.

I do like metallic polishes and know they tend to be a pistol to apply.  Usually they are worth it.  I just don't feel that 'Copper Penny' is.  A penny earned, here, is a penny not worth picking up.

What do you think?  Do you like the color?  Do you find metallic polishes hard to use?


Monday, January 10, 2011

Golden and Iridescent Glitter for the Golden Years

Posted by Libby's Pink Vanity at 1/10/2011 07:09:00 PM 5 comments
If it wasn't for Paparazzi, how would we have known that Cher is one of the original cougars?  That Mel Gibson isn't such a nice guy?  That John Edwards is a total skank?  That aliens are in peace talks at the White House...right now??
Forget all that.  This is some Paparazzi that's for real.  This is by Icing, a spawn of Claire's Boutique.   And I couldn't resist this sparkle-palousa of a mauve.  I'm surprised the photo doesn't show off the sparkles better.  This was a perfect New Years mani for me.

Just 3 coats with some Seche Clear and the final Seche Vite.  It was a bit gritty but I'm very forgiving for glitter polishes.  I can't fault the gold and iridescent glitters because they are pretty together.

Granted, when I review these photos I think this polish is for young girls.  However, I'm unaware of any age limitations on glitter.  You'll know me by my glitter polish and makeup when I'm finishing off my golden years with this polish on. 

Rock on, Kimberly!

I've Learned How to be Nouveau Cheap

Posted by Libby's Pink Vanity at 1/10/2011 02:34:00 PM 5 comments
Since my early days of following blogs (only last year), I have been following Nouveau Cheap.

If you check out the right-hand column here, you see that I have a button for this site.  Miss Nouveau Cheap has become a new email friend.  It is a must for me to check out her blog every day.  Reviewing a wide variety of beauty items, you are sure to learn about new products, on this blog, that you can find 'cheap' at the drugstores or mass market stores.

Nouveau Cheap
Something I have enjoyed for the past few months is being a 'field representative' for Miss Nouveau.  I travel around town every day for my job, so I get to stop off at Walgreens and CVS stores all the time.  I've taken it upon myself to find new makeup products and share them with Miss Nouveau.  She replies with squeals of joy.  I'm pleased.  So is she.

Here are a few of the products I have found and shared my photos with her and her blog...

It feels like a treasure hunt.  And I feel like a sleuth looking for the newest thing out there.

If you want to know what is the newest and latest in the 'cheap makeup' industry, I recommend checking out Nouveau Cheap's blog.  She's got it down about giving you info on dupes of more expensive brands.

Oh, and something that's going on right now, she's reviewing Wet 'N Wild's newest products.  I purchased a few of them today at Walgreen's.  And they have Wet 'N Wild on sale to boot!  Thanks, Nouveau Cheap for keeping me up-to-date.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Couple of Pleasant Surprises From Forever 21

Posted by Libby's Pink Vanity at 1/09/2011 05:26:00 PM 7 comments
There are several things that I find fun and one of them are pleasant surprises.  Those little, sweet, unexpected events.  Getting a speeding ticket is not a pleasant surprise.  Finding some cheap nail polish that goes beyond my expectations is.

Check out this pretty blue...

Love and Beauty's 'Navy.'  I don't even thing it is close to navy.  Nail polish name fail!  How about 'Navy Gravy?'  I am pleased that I was able to capture the golden swirls in this polish.  Because of the golden shimmer, this ups it a notch to me and I likey!!!

This is two coats of color over a base coat.  I have one coat of Seche Clear followed by one coat of China Glaze's Fast Forward Top Coat.
Not a bad polish, at all, for $2.80.

Now, this one, got my 'OMG!!!'....

'Purple.'  Really?  That's all they could say about this super cool color?  Hmmm...'Purple Smurple.'  Same as the 'Navy Gravy', it has the shimmer of gold.

I want to give a disclaimer; I am showing this mani after 4 hours of working in a grocery store.  I'm a merchandiser, so I move things around, put them in place and make them look nice.  A lot of times that involves picking off a price tag.  That's were the wear comes in on this mani.  I would have taken photos before I left to work if the sun would have been up; it was just a bit after sun up when I left this morning.

But, pleasant surprise...
This is one coat!  I have one coat of China Glaze's Fast Forward Top Coat on that was followed with Seche Vite.

Both of these paid off looking just like the color in the bottle.  I paid only $2.80 for each of them.  They applied and dried well. could say I'm pleasantly surprised.

What was the last polish that became a pleasant surprise for you?

Monday, January 3, 2011

Sippin' Champagne and Doing My Nails

Posted by Libby's Pink Vanity at 1/03/2011 07:46:00 PM 12 comments
With the holidays being over, it's sort of anti-climatical to look at polish colors that have 'holiday' names.  But, if I just look at the color and go with my mood, I can deal with that. 

And, if you can't wait to see what's up and happenin' for the spring, check out Vampy Varnish's blog.  She reviewed some very spring-y colors from Dashing Diva.

When I saw the Barielle display at Ulta, I pushed everyone aside including a 10 year old quietly strolled over to it and got my grubby hands on picked up 2 colors to try out.

Here's one of them...

'Jess' Champagne Toast' got more brownie points other than just being a fun purple: they used the possessive following two 'S' correctly. 

It took 3 coats to get the color depth on the nail to match what was in the bottle.  I love the color in the bottle so much, I was prepared to do as many coats as necessary to achieve it.  I did put on one coat of Seche Clear, then a coat of China Glaze's 'Fast Forward Top Coat, then finally, Seche Vite.

A silvery purple with lots of shimmer, it also has pink micro-glitter as well.  This was a fine polish to use.  Performs easily and dries fairly fast too.  If you haven't read my spin on purple being pink's cousin, twice removed, you'll understand why Libby's Vanity has a 'thing' about purples. 
Do you think 'Jess' Champagne Toast' would suit you?  Do you know who your cousin, twice-removed, is?

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