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Monday, April 25, 2011

Blu: In High-Definition Color

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Hopefully the rest of my week will go by as quickly as my Monday has.

Here's a manicure I did recently...

This blue is another installment for Autism Awareness Month.  Nail blogger, ColourCoated, has asked nail bloggers to help get the word out and help her friend raise money doing a walk for Autism Awareness Month.  I'm happy to help out.

This blue is Sally Hansen's Hi-Definition 'Blu'.  You know, like BLU-Ray...
Can you tell from this photo that this polish is watery?

A brilliant, vibrant blue, but took 5 coats just to get it to this level.  Not something for the nail polish-wearer on the go.
I have one coat of Color Club's Eco Top Coat.  'Blu' didn't really need much help with a shiny top coat, however.  And I can tell you without a doubt, this is HD Blu!

I haven't made the switch to Blu-Ray DVDs yet.  And, sadly, we don't even have a flat screen TV.  So, do you have a Blu-Ray DVD Player?

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Here Are The Winners Of The Giveaway

Posted by Libby's Pink Vanity at 4/24/2011 07:47:00 PM 9 comments
Here are the winners for my 666 follower giveaway:

1st prize: Chainsawhoney  You get the Color Club set of 'Starry Temptress'
2nd prize: Lu  You win OPI's 'I Juggle...Men'
3rd prize: peripatetic33 You will get the 4 pack of Risk polishes

And.....I have an unannounced 4th place prize:
Two polishes from Confetti; 'Belle of the Ball' and 'Cherries Jubilee' along with two sets of Femme Coulture's lip glosses...three different colors in each set.

The 4th prize goes to:  lvspina0

I have sent an email to all the winners; please get back with me ASAP.

I so wish I could play Oprah and give prizes to everyone.  You took the time to enter and I'm overwhelmed with the responses.  I never would have thought that something I write would be noticed around the world...literally.

If you didn't win this time, there will be a NEXT time soon.  :)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

666 Followers Giveaway is Now CLOSED

Posted by Libby's Pink Vanity at 4/23/2011 08:00:00 PM 2 comments
Thanks, dear readers.  :D

This community is wonderful.  I love reading nail and makeup blogs; look forward to it every night.  I enjoy the chats on Twitter; either for support or for silliness.  And, of course, just creating my own blog.  I am getting way more out of this than I ever imagined.

It's 8 PM EST and the giveaway is closed.  My goal is to get through all the entries by tomorrow evening so I can announce the winners. 

Thanks again and, GOOD LUCK!!!
This is a flower from the grounds of one of my clients I visited on Friday.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Love For Zoya Is Clear As A Crystal

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April is Autism Awareness Month.  But, it is also for child abuse and domestic abuse awareness too.  Today's blue is my support to bring awareness to all three...

I have for you Zoya's 'Crystal'.  My word, is it a stunner!  A blue with lots of gold micro-glitter, DA BOMB, folks!!!

You don't have to like my manicure to love this color. 
Just a bit of a fudge on the tip of my pinky.  These nails are really long for me.  I haven't had them this long in quite a few years.  However, today I did get my nails redone and I got them cut back to a 'sport' length.
I have three coats of polish and a top coat of Seche Vite.  There's only one thing I can say negative about this polish and, that is I wish I would have discovered it before nail blogging.  These are awesome polishes. 

If you see or very strongly suspect someone is being abused, please contact the authorities about it.  You can do it anonymously and you can leave it up to them to decide what action should be taken.  Please don't turn your back away from abuse.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Absolute Enamel - Baby Blade of Grass

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Here is where I first talked about finding a display of neons and pastels at Sol.  Since I have so many untried polishes (surprise!), I limited myself to one neon and one pastel; both in green.  Here's the green pastel...

These nail companies need to be ashamed of themselves for not naming their sweet-ums.  This is now called 'Baby Blade of Grass.'

Of course it's corny, but, I don't think I'm the only one. *shifty eyes*
Two coats, fair application, too much swatching over the weekend ate my nails.  Ugh.  I didn't give 'Baby Blade of Grass' any justice; just took a lawnmower to it. :(

I should, in all fairness to the polish, do it again when my nails are not this trashed.   I'll be starting afresh on Friday with redone nails.  I can't wait til they are pretty again.

Do you like green pastel polish?
Don't forget my

Your First Date on a Pinky Moon

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This is a cool swatch...
Wait...I mean HOT!!  I was played/practicing with Konading.  On this red polish, I used the flame stamp using orange Konad color on the bottom of the flames and Konad yellow at the tips.  I stamped about 3 times and voila!  Flame-thrower fingers!

I'm still practicing with stamping so only one finger came out decent.  I hope I'm not the only one that happens to.

OK, down to the matter at hand--Pink Wednesday!  I joined up with some other nail bloggers which,  On Wednesdays We Wear Pink.  Check out these chicketas; they are goooood!

 First Date?  Baahaaa...too corny to even mention. 

Princessa's 'First Date' comes from Beya.  That's a mall store that is very much like the Sol store I talked about here.  Beya is a light and bright-looking store.  Sol has a darker decor.  I stop by both, often, because they can have some unique and/or inexpensive make-up and polish.

'First Date' shows its rosy side in the outside photo.  Still a not-boring pink frost.  It's a work-appropriate color, yet not a pink frost like my Grandma used to wear.

This is wear the fun begins....

This glitter-paloosa is Kleancolor's 'Pinky Moon'.  The 'moon' part would be for the moon-shaped glitter in the polish.  But it is terribly shy.  I had to coaks it out to get any on my nails.  Mostly the regular glitter and  bar glitter applied.  And even that was tough.

OK, here's 'First Date' and 'Pinky Moon' together...
'Pinky Moon' needs to have 'One in a Blue Moon' as its subtitle.  If Kleancolor would have put in twice as much glitter and more moons it this, it would make putting up with its smell a lot easier.

OK.  It's subtle and dainty.  But I'm wondering if this look would be better suited for a very young miss.  But I figure the young chickies can't have all the fun.

Should 'Pinky Moon' be better left for young girls?  If you were to get this polish, would you put up with its bad behavior?

Monday, April 18, 2011

I Spy...New Stuff at Bed, Bath & Beyond 4/10

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These new-to-me makeup items almost got lost in my photo files.  Eeps!  Well, on the other hand, considering the amount of photos I have, anything can get lost there.

However, I discovered them and discovered these new displays at my local Bed, Bath & Beyond when I was there last week.

Will we ever get enough 'Twilight' themed makeup?

 That's quite an assortment of products on this one display.  I loved the sparkling dusting powder the best of all these items.  But, the polish colors don't look unique at all.

This little, one-use travel makeup sticks remind me of the kind for mosquito bites...

You snap the swab-type container and it oozes out your product.  LOL...yep, oozes.  I think I'll just stick to travel-size products.

One thing this fair-white woman doesn't like to reminded of, is that I'm just not 'in' if I keep my pasty-white complexion year-round.  L'oreal's saving grace with this campaign is the sassy polishes.

I dig the neutral shadow shades too.  But my eyes went right for the polishes!

Yellow sparkles!!

Sparkling Starfish too.

And I think a tinted tanning gel is the way to go.  I got Lush's Charlotte Island just days before I saw this. The only draw-back I'm experiencing is the lotion rubbing off onto my socks.

And one last thing.  I didn't get a complete shot of this display but I wanted to share it as I have never seen one of these items.

I have used lipstick sealers and it was a drying shellac right on my lips.  Ew.  I think this is it along with it's new, baby sister; lip gloss sealer.  Does it really work?  Sorry, I'm not going to try it out.  Cracks are for sidewalks.

Quite a bit of new products for one visit at BB&B.  That was fun!  And I will confess, I did NOT buy anything.  Nope.  But now that I've gone back and looked at these photos, those L'oreal polishes look cute and sassy; no tan needed.

See anything you'd like?

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