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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Orna-ment For Each Other, At Least Through Christmas

Posted by Libby's Pink Vanity at 12/07/2011 06:30:00 PM
Nicole by OPI is a brand I rarely pick up. I will check them out while shopping, but I only have 3 or now, 4. My reasoning is that they rarely have anything I find unique. And, I know, that is an odd remark coming from a nail blogger that will swatch 3 different brands that have similar colors. But, as a lot of nail/beauty bloggers know, we don't always have the most logical reasons for our choices.

Here's my latest Nicole addition...

A Christmas nail polish, if there ever was one. This is 'Orna-ment For Each Other.' Cute name! I do have to hand it to OPI, they come up with fun and definitely, unique names.

There is so much glitter in 'Orna-ment For Each Other' that it is opaque in just 2 coats. But I did the fail-safe 3...
This polish is heavy-laden with micro gold and red glitter. Very shiny; I'm swatching with no top coat. 'OFEO' is gritty, but it isn't difficult to remove like some glitters can be. It wore nicely for the 36 hours I had it on.
There's just a one thing I wasn't happy about with this polish. It makes my fingers look red. I think it is the combo of red and gold together. It combines to be an orange and my pallor can't handle it. Sadz.

However, besides that, it is a great Christmas glitter polish. It is feisty and cheery and just Christmas-y.

I'm just sad that the beautiful color 'OFEO' shows in the bottle didn't translate onto my nails. Interestingly enough, the color looks all the same in my photos.
Here, it shows a bit of patchiness, but I'm chalking that up to user-difficulty. There's enough glitter jammed in this polish to counter bald spots. I feel that this is the type of glitter polish that looks good on both short or long nails.

Are you a Nicole by OPI fan? Is 'Orna-ment For Each Other' for you?


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