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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tool Tuesday

Posted by Libby's Pink Vanity at 1/24/2012 07:24:00 PM
I'm going to run a series on Tuesdays called 'Tool Tuesday'. This will be a review of beauty tools that I have and my thoughts on them. All items will be purchased by me unless I state otherwise. Let me know what you think about this series by sharing your comments below.

As I was running this series idea around in my head, I knew that I would share this tool first. For me, it's a must...
This is a wig comb. Around 1990, I worked at one of those mall kiosks selling the banana clip-on hair pieces. Today, we may chuckle about them, but they were HOT during that time. Mall Hair!!!

So, this is where I got this comb. If I could only have one comb, I would pick this one. Here's why...

I have a lot of hair, however, it is fine. It is also curly. I have always had a problem with combing my hair out after I have washed it. If I'm not careful, I'll break off hair like a bad toupee.

Thinning hair can be an issue as we age. I have been experiencing some of it already. My hair is thinning out, very noticeably, right above my temples. And, I can just say 'Thanks, Mom' for passing that gene onto me. That gives me all the more reason to baby my hair. Also, my hair is long and that leaves even more of a chance for tangles.

Enter the 'wig comb'. I use this every morning after I shower. And I do wash my hair at least 6 days a week as I workout in the mornings and get sweaty. That means the possibility of snapping fine, wet hair from washing.

This is a photo to show you the relative size of the comb. I'll compare it to my husband's macho (read: balding) comb; so stylish...
It's the size of any comb with a handle. Not puny at all and those teeth tame the tangliest of tresses.

As you can see, this one is branded 'Max Factor'. They were the ones that made 'mall hair'. Them and Revlon. Now, it isn't fair to show you this and not let you know where you can get your own. So, with very little research, I found this link...
Get Your Very Own Tangle Tamer

Gosh, and it is affordable as all get out!

Do you have a comb just like this one? Is this a tool you think you might have to have? And, do share with my your thoughts on a series of posts on beauty tools.


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