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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I Spy....Wet 'n Wild Skinny Girls Being Chased By Zombies At Walmart

Posted by Libby's Pink Vanity at 1/18/2012 05:43:00 PM
Before I settle in for the evening to play 'Stupid Zombies' read an interesting book on my Kindle Fire, I want to share with you some products I saw last Monday at a Super Walmart.

(Side note: I was playing 'Stupid Zombies' on my phone waiting for a one-on-one conference call with one of the companies I do business with. When my phone rang, I saw that the screen for 'Answer' came up and I pressed it. The woman who was dispatching me to the caller asked me to hold. As I waited, the Stupid Zombies was still running and there were these zombie groaning away. I was laughing so hard thinking that the person I would be talking with would hear them as well and wonder what the hell? OK. I thought it was hilarious.)

The project I did on Monday at Walmart was a fun one. But the management wasn't. Totally another story. But, I managed to soothe myself by doing some shopping. I am intrigued by the products I'm going to show you, but I didn't make any purchases...I'm just sharing.

I have only read about this one in a quick blurp in a fashion magazine...

Skinny Girl makeup and skin line seems to have just about a bit of everything. The minimalist graphics on the packaging make me think of ELF. I didn't see anything here that I haven't seen before with other brands, though. Same with the shades they offered.

Did I know that Wet 'n Wild came out with a crackle nail polish?

Looks like there were quite a few shoppers wanting to try it, since this display was rather picked over.

And, lastly, this is a product that is new to me, as well...

Sensationail is a soak-off gel nail polish system. This is made by the Nailene Company. I've been testing out some of their soak-off nail products and I have to say, it is very easy to use and holds its own. I haven't used this particular product, however. And I don't have any of these gel shades, which are, by the way very pretty and fashionable. (I hope I'm not letting a zombie out of the bag about any upcoming giveaways....grrrrrroooooaaaaaannnnn)

Cluing you in...if you call me and hear any groaning in the background, don't think it's any funny business. I was just patiently waiting for you to call. :)


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