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Friday, February 10, 2012

Icing's After Party; No Hangover Necessary

Posted by Kimberly Purcell at 2/10/2012 05:13:00 PM
These two polishes are not terribly new but worth a review. I got a shimmer and a flakie and they work together perfectly.

I got both polishes at Icing, Claire's Boutique's sister store. First, here is the shimmer...

Even in real life, 'Orchid' is stingy with showing her shimmer. At first, I thought it was a creme. But when you can look closely at the area where the sun is shining really bright, that gives you a glimpse of it. The shimmer color is like 2 shades lighter than the base color so it is very demure.

 Oh, just a tiny bit of shimmer showing here.
I have mentioned in previous posts that I'm just not a big pastel color lover. 'Orchid' is about as pastel as I care to go. I have on 3 coats but seriously, 2 would have been just fine.

This next polish I picked up was the only one left. It was so mine. You'll see why...
This is 'After Party', a multi-color flakie polish. The colors are not holo, just colored flakie glitter. Keep going to see what 2 coats look like.

Ready to see them together?

 It isn't a perfect flakie; it tends to drag on up to the tips and it is bumpy. And let's not forget, a pistol to remove. I didn't need to do the foil method, just did some heavy rubbing.

But, I'm willing to lower my standards for a look like this. Yea, I had to work for it a bit however, I'm in love with the look.

'After Party' looks exactly like its name; glitter confetti everywhere!

Party on!

I know these are lillies, but I planted something and it bloomed! I planted a long row of these along the side of my front walkway. The purple in the lillies looks very similar to 'Orchid' polish...


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