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Friday, February 17, 2012

Toss or Trash: January 2012

Posted by Libby's Pink Vanity at 2/17/2012 08:49:00 PM
Today's post is one that I have been planning for several weeks. This is the inaugural post for 'Toss or Trash'. This series will be a collection of beauty-related products that I have used up or, one that I am over with. Read on and you'll see what I'm talking about.

The following are items from January that I finished up and am pitching away. Sometimes there will be items that have tried my patience and there are way too many other products waiting for me to use to waste my time on these dogs.
This is what I used up in January: Equate's Fresh Scent Shower & Bath Powder; Ion's Color Solutions Firm Hold Shaping Spray; One 'n Only Argan Oil Moisture Repair Conditioner; CVS Premium Cotton Ovals; Ulta's Passionberry Vanilla Moisturizing Body Lotion; Avon's Anew Advanced All-in-One Max Self-Adjusting Perfecting Cream; Avon's Liquid Eyeliner in Brown.

 Let's start in the back...

Walmart's brand is called Equate. These brands are near dupes of brand name items. Notice I said 'near'. Some items, I don't mess around with and will get the name brand; like Cascade, Fancy Feasts, Scope, etc. But some things, I think Equate comes close enough. Talcum powder is one of them. This is my life-line in the summer time. Florida is hot in the summer and if you forget it, don't worry, I'm going to remind you...a lot. This should be enough for you to praise Fresh Scent as it helps keep my skin cool. And I love the's fresh! I have already replaced this one.

Next to the powder is Sally Beauty Supply's house brand of hair care; Ion Firm Hold Shaping Spray. I have gone from 'frozen in time' spray to this lighter and more malleable spray. And, it was the first time in uhm....IONS....that I bought an aerosol. I have replaced this can with the same. However, I am probably going to purchase another type or, go back to the spray pump firm hold by Ion. I don't want to fuss with my hair after I leave the door in the morning. Again, thanks to Florida's humidity, I get frizzies and flyaways. Sometimes the aerosol works, sometimes it doesn't.
Next is a travel size body lotion from Ulta's line. I could have used this for Sample Saturday, however, I went ahead and just added to the trash. This line is very similar to Bath & Body Works fragrant lotion, sprays and body washes. That's about all that is similar, to me. I like to stink to high heaven; a term my family uses when someone uses too much perfume. OK, I don't stink but I do like my lotions and potions to have a fragrance that I can at least smell. I have a pretty good sniffer and this product didn't cut it. No restock on this one.

I tried One 'n Only's Moroccan Argan Trees Moisture Repair Conditioner and this was because I have the Argan Oil and the curling lotion and love it. Back story: I got One 'n Only's hair spray and it didn't have any hold at all for me. I took it back to Sally's were I purchased it. I traded it for this conditioner. Strike two on the disappointment list. I was expecting lots and lots of moisture for my parched hair. If I wanted to have that soft feel after rinsing it out, I had to use a lot more than I normally do for my long hair. Not worth it. It smells great, just like the other One 'n Only products. It just didn't deliver for me.
Ah, a favorite! I love CVS' Cotton Ovals that I buy 2 or 3 packages at a time, depending on what the sale is. These ovals are perfect, and I'm totally serious when I use that word here, for removing nail polish. Depending on what type of polish I have one, of course, I can usually use just 3 of these to remove everything. These pads don't shred or fall apart. I already have purchased 2 more for my stock.
Ask me what skincare line I endorse and I'll tell you Avon's Anew. I have used Anew since it came out in the '90's, I believe. The All-In-One was part of my regimen for a long time. It was a product I'd use at night and for day. Even though I have Anew's specific products for day and for night, I'd work this one in occasionally. So, I have had this one for quite some time. With blogging, I stray, on occasion, and use other stuff. In that time, it looks like Avon has discontinued this particular item. It's nothing I'll cry about, as I love the other specifics very much. And, even though I won't be replacing All-In-One, I really liked it. It gave me plenty of moisture without feeling weighed down and greasy.

Last is Avon's Liquid Eyeliner in brown. I've had this a while; all the print has been rubbed off the barrel! Not only can I not tell you the specific name, I can't tell you if this dried up or is used up. When I first got it, it gave me a bold, pigmented line. However, just like a felt tip gets used up, so did this one. I love liquid liners that are in a felt tip delivery system. I love that clean, crisp line it makes. And it is very easy for me to do a cat eye with this style. Easily said, I have other felt liners like this and surely, always will.  I just don't know if I will get Avon's. I'm really fickle when it comes to eyeliners. Suffice to say, I like this one.

How about that? I just did a review on my trash! Maybe you liked it and you'll let me know in the comments. If it's sort of gross, look for my headline of 'Toss or Trash' and you'll know to skip over. Last month I didn't have any Toss items. I do have some for February. And, I do want to mention, it is weird for me to hold onto my trash and collect it til the end of the month for a photo. That's something I didn't expect when I conceived this idea. Maybe I won't save it all for a group shot. But, I hope you enjoyed the information.


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