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Monday, May 28, 2012

Reviva Labs: Makeup Primer, Vitamin E Stick and Mascara Reviews

Posted by Libby's Pink Vanity at 5/28/2012 03:06:00 PM
I got a chance to try out a few Reviva's products. I have been interested in trying them and, had only read good things about them on other beauty blogs.

Here are the first two products...
From the left: Vitamin E Stick and Makeup Primer

Vitamin E oil is my first stop for any scars. Vitamin E can keep the tissue soft and pliable while it heals. But you don't need to wait until you have a boo-boo to use this Vitamin E Stick. I have been using this stick for my lips, before bedtime. It's just a nighttime ritual for me to slather on a lip conditioner. I tried the Vitamin E Stick under my eyes and even though it can help with wrinkles and dry skin, it didn't sink in, or absorb, into my skin. I'll keep this to use just on my lips and fresh scars, if I should get one.

The Vitamin E Stick doesn't have any taste but, it does smell a bit medicinal. In fact, to me, it smells like fresh cut hay. 

Next, is what I'll call the best discovery of 2012: Reviva's Makeup Primer. This stuff is beyond awesome. 

I have a favorite high-end face primer that I have used for years. Reviva Makeup Primer rivals this one and then some. I use mineral makeup foundation so I can't speak on how it performs with a liquid foundation. But, I do use cream highlighters and blushes and I found Reviva's Makeup Primer to hold those creams in place all day. Yes, even in hot Florida days. This Primer applied so smoothly and felt so good on my skin.

Reviva's Makeup Primer now has permanent residency on the Vanity.

And, I didn't even know Reviva had makeup, much less mascara...
This mascara is hypo-allergenic and claims to balance the pH of the lashes which will avoid eye irritation. I found that this was a mascara what was easy to apply and it didn't flake on me at all.

The applicator is easy to use to separate and coat each lash...
I found that Reviva's mascara worked to enhance the color of my lashes but, it didn't thicken them. So, I use this mascara for a more natural eye look.

You can find Reviva products at Ulta and Walgreens. I'm sure there are other drugstores that sell these products as well.

Have you tried any Reviva products? Any other Reviva products you'd like to recommend to me?

These products were provided to me for my review. These are my own honest opinions.


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