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Thursday, April 5, 2012

I Spy...New Polishes at Walgreens; Hard Candy at Walmart

Posted by Libby's Pink Vanity at 4/05/2012 08:29:00 PM

Today, after doing four projects in four different stores, I still had a conference call at 3. It was getting close in time, so I stopped off at Walgreens just to pass some time. OK...and to look for new stuff.

When I find something new to share in the 'I Spy' posts, I'll let you know if it is new to me. That means I don't recall hearing or reading about it in all the blogs, tweets and Facebook posts I come across. That doesn't mean no one else has blogged about it, though. Otherwise, I will comment that I have seen or read about it in the blog universe.

So, here's what I found/discovered at Walgreens today...
A 'new to me' display of Sally Hansen Diamond Strength polishes. There are four polishes they call a base and then 4 glitter overcoats coordinating with the base colors.

Looky here...

These photos are with my phone so the colors are not as vivid as they are in true life. But here's one that I liked the best...
It is just a bit more multi-colored than the photo shows. But not by much. This had to have been a newly set up display because only one polish was missing.

And, next to it was this Revlon display...

If you check out the model's hand, you can see that, even with this washed-out photo, that the polish color is damn near the color of her skin. It is. And when I saw this display, it took my brain to see that comparison to realize that the polish isn't white. It's just a little bitty bit off. It's one of those colors that doesn't fit so nicely in a description. My go at it is to say it is the lightest ever taupy-white. Here's what I do know: this isn't a color that interests me.

And one final find. I saw this display at Walmart...
Here's four Hard Candy products. I have seen these, in quick passing, in the regular makeup aisle. However, this one caught my eye and gave me perchance to pause. This display is called a 'sidekick'. It hangs on the side of the end shelves and that is called an endcap. I see a lot of sidekicks at Walgreens. And, I'm seeing them more and more at Walmart too. It's just another way to cram more product into the store. :)

In recap: I didn't buy one item. Nope. I'm saving my money for the Orlando Premiere show coming up in June and then the Makeup Show that is in September. This is going to take more discipline than passing on cake and cookies!

Have you seen any of these items? Did you purchase any and tell me what you think about them.


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