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Monday, April 2, 2012

Wet 'N Wild's Bejeweled Collection

Posted by Libby's Pink Vanity at 4/02/2012 06:24:00 PM
The entire weekend, I had planned to stay home and chill.  However, when my friend, Alli of nifty_ba, shared a quick Facebook chat, that all changed. She told me that the Winn Dixie grocery store near me had the new Be Jeweled collection from Wet 'n Wild. Off I went to see what I could snag.

These are the jewels that I came home with...
From the left: The Crown Is Mine; Jewels For Your Highness; Born Into Privilege; Bow In My Presence. What is missing is: Speak When Spoken To.

They are all sparkly with micro glitter and small glitter, mixed up into a look meant for royalty.

Who could wait to swatch one of these? Resistance is futile, in my case...
Since I couldn't decide which one first, I reached into the bag and pulled one out. The winner: 'The Crown Is Mine'. The primary color is a light lavender shade and it is not showing in the photos. But you can see the small glitter in shades of blue, magenta and silver.

I knew that 'The Crown Is Mine' was going to be thin. I looked for a very neutral pink to use as a base coat. This helped bring out the sizzle in this polish. This is the swatch with a light pink creme underneath.

Here is a test of just 'The Crown Is Mine' without a base color...
 Nice and very dainty. Yet, I wanted to give the polish a bit more of a grandstand. And, with a light pastel creme polish from Color Club as 'underwear', that is what I got...

I found it interesting that even though it is a glitter polish, it didn't take scrubbing to remove it. I used Zoya's Remove+ and it works splendidly.

It was a very bright and hot day today in Central Florida. Yet, in the shade, 'The Crown Is Mine' shimmers. However, let me explain, the glitter is one I would not refer to as 'in your face'. It is subtle...
And that makes it perfect for Spring.

Take a look at my friend Alli's blog, nifty_ba. She shows looks of the day and she is just as cute as a button to model them too.

The nail polish universe has gifted us with a plethora of glitters lately. Or, so it seems. Are you still in a glitter mood? What do you think of the newest Wet 'n Wild collection 'Be Jeweled'?


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