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Friday, March 30, 2012

I Spy....Color Club, Sally Hansen Polishes, & More at Bed, Bath & Beyond

Posted by Libby's Pink Vanity at 3/30/2012 07:40:00 PM
I did a long-standing project at Bed, Bath & Beyond today. Before I even went to my location to start, I breeze through the shelf where they place new items.

These products are new to this season, however, may not be new to some locations. Bed, Bath & Beyond doesn't always get new releases in a very timely manner. However, this location is only one of two that sell Color Club, singly, in the Orlando area.

Let me show you want I found and see if you can tell me what is wrong with it...
 All About French is, of course, shades that can be used to create a French manicure. There are 6 different shades of pink. These pinks are trending right along with other nail companies releasing pale pink shades. I'm thinking of OPI, right off the top of my head.

(As a side note: about 20 years ago, in Pro Nails Magazine, I read about the creation of the French manicure. The article said that a celebrity nail technician, and they did name him, I just don't remember it, had created it for TV. He wanted to create a look, on the actresses, that would be timeless, rather than a dated look. He stated that he called it French to make it sound chic. LOL. The French manicure is about as French as fries!!)

And yet, another set of 6 by Color Club called Blossoming. Don't you just love the display?
 Here's a couple of the shades from this collection...

Furry, iridescent bar glitter. I like bar glitter so I get a giggle when I read where others refer to it as 'furry'.

OK, here is what I found wrong...if you notice that the light is shadowed on both of these displays, that's your clue. I found both displays on the bottom shelf and, older product/releases on the top and middle shelves.

In merchandising, we don't ever want to put our newest products on the bottom shelf. That is called the 'kill zone.' And placing products above head level is a 'kill zone', as well. The kill zone means that if product gets put there, the sales are killed. No one will notice them.

I will mention a couple of reasons why this may have happened other than someone not being astute in merchandising. Other brands may have an exclusive 'lease' on the top shelves. They pay the store extra to keep their products at the eye level which is the 'sell zone.' Or, the displays of the older merchandise will not fit under shelves. I didn't see that to be the issue.

At least the magnetic polish display was in the middle...

Let's look at some other cool, neat stuff I found...

This is Sally Hansen's Limited Edition Runway Collection. The department associate said they just put this out yesterday. I oogled over the new colors and these two shades were very drool-worthy. Oh, and let the words 'Limited Edition' speed you up in making your purchase, because if you miss out, you'll cry.

If a new type of product comes out and becomes a hit, you can expect knock-offs. The concept isn't new to me, but this brand is...

This is Lisa Rachel's sulfate free conditioner and cleanser products for the hair. You might have heard about WEN. It's a hair care/cleanser that isn't a shampoo but a conditioner that cleans too. I'm not sure how different that is than 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioners but that's the idea. WEN is about twice as much as these I spotted today; just under $8. And I like that they have different formulas as well. Currently, I have a ton of hair care products to use up. That's the only thing that kept me from getting the one of these.

Here's another new to me product. It's called Maui Babe. But look closely at the products and you'll discover why I went 'whhaaaaa?'...
Uhm...'Browning' Lotion??? After 'Browning' Lotion??? In marketing, you got to find your niche, and these folks don't want to say the bad word: TANNING!!! That's because it is bad to tan!!! (Poking fun is my other hobby after blogging.)

Hell, let's just call it what it is...'Fake Bake'!!!...
Check out the 'Lipo Bronze'. This not only gives you a tan look but also smooths out cellulite. OMG!!! Utopia!!! (I WISH!!)

And last, for some cuteness. These are adorable...

Smelling my flavor scented pen is a lot less embarrassing than being caught smelling my scented nails. I like the Nutty Buddy cone one.

I spied so much stuff, I bet you wondered if I ever got my work done! Rest assured, I did.

What do you see that you'd like? Or, have you tried any of these out? I'm dying to know.


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