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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I'm 50 Today And I Have Wisdom; Part 1

Posted by Libby's Pink Vanity at 3/20/2012 08:50:00 PM
Today is my birthday and I am 50 years old. I, finally, feel old enough to grant myself the wisdom I already had to begin with. The beginning of all this wisdom started when I realized that others, who had been around longer than I have, had some serious truth in the wisdom they shared. I paid attention, whether it was someone I personally knew, read in a magazine, saw on television or read in a book. I filed away all these little bits of knowledge from them.

So by paying attention to what I saw, heard and even felt, I claimed my personal wisdom. Now, I can't tell you I was able to act upon it every time; I didn't. But I can say, I knew better. There's no blaming someone else.

Here's one thing that I take responsibility for: my face. It has been my responsibility to take care of it. And around 13, my aunt (bless her heart) taught me how to take care of my skin. So, for 37 years, this is what I get for my efforts; this is a photo of my face. No surgeries, no makeup, just plain me...
I don't know what 50 years old feels like because I haven't been 50 but less than a day. But it doesn't feel any different than when I went to bed last night at 49 years of age.

Here's the next phase: I only have on Milani's 'Eye Tech Supreme' liquid eye liner in blackest black. No other make up...
What I see is a woman that still has a flush in her cheeks, that are still full and show off high cheek bones. She still has a rosy color to her lips. And next, I have on all my makeup...
Funny, but when I put these photos up, I can't really tell much difference between no makeup and then full makeup. Once I style my hair and put on the new top I got just for today, I'm ready...
Do I look 50? You bet! This is EXACTLY what 50 years old looks like. This isn't your grandma's decade.


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