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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Toss or Trash: February 2012 Part 1

Posted by Libby's Pink Vanity at 3/01/2012 06:03:00 PM
February was a good month for tossing and trashing. In fact, so much so, I'm doing this post in 2 parts. First, let's talk about the toss. The toss items are products that are a 'no go'. For some reason, that I'll explain, this product isn't making the cut.

These are the products that are getting tossed...
 From the top, going clockwise: L'Occitane Honey & Lemon Delightful Cream; Wet 'n Wild Gel Eyeliner in purple; L'Oreal HIP Color Rich Cream Crayon in Authentic; Styli-Style Lip Liner, color name unknown; Veria Vanilla Organic Lip Balm; Ulta Eye Shadow Base.

None of these products got used up. There is no sense in these taken up room on the vanity when I can toss them out and get something else that I do like.

First up: L'Occitane Honey & Lemon Delightful Cream. Delightful, really? This has a weird, chemically, cesspool smell to it. Sometimes I can apply a lotion that will smell sort of funky in the container but be a uhm...delight on the skin. No go here.

Next: Wet 'n Wild Gel Eyeliner. This is a purple color and, maybe because I don't use purple as much as black, it just went dry. And it went dry fast. I may have used it ten times. Not only is it dry, but also, it is hard. I couldn't even dent it with my nail.

Next: L'Oreal HIP Color Rich Cream Crayon in Authentic. Authentic is a deep, forest green. I really like this color. However, where the gel liner was a chunk of cement, this crayon was grease. It didn't want to stay on my eyelids one bit. I tried it with and without a primer, with a brush application and with my finger to smooth it out. Hot, green mess. I actually tried to give it another job as an eyeliner, using an eyeliner brush. It still creased. I fired it.

Next: Styli-Style Lip Liner, color name unknown. I LOVE this liner and the shade is my very, very favorite. It is just a couple of shades darker than my lips. So, you may ask why would I throw away my favorite lip liner. Actually, I'd use this until it was a nubben, but the liner, itself, came loose in the pencil. Now it doesn't want to slide smoothly around my lips. Let me back up. I like my liner pencils to be sharp. After this liner got down to where I needed to sharpen, it just stuck in the sharpener when I tried to use it. I'm not going to fight with a lip liner. I have 100 others I can pick from. I think I will hold onto this one only to go match it up with a new one, since the name has worn off mine.

Next: Veria Vanilla Organic Lip Balm. This was sent to me as a sample last year. I think because it is organic there is no preservatives in it. Maybe. But this balm has a weird smell and it was gritty. The smell wasn't a chemical-type smell, it was just an odd vanilla fragrance. And I might have been able to get past that. However, was like chewing gum right after eating potato chips...crunchy where it shouldn't have been. Blech!

And last: Ulta Eye Shadow Base. Wow, I so had hopes for this one. And I feel I gave this base a fair shake. In fact, I used it today. My shadow, a mineral one today, creased before I could leave the house. I liked how smooth it applied and the shade too. But it just wouldn't stay put.

This one gets its own toss award...
Beyond Belief Cocoa & Shea Body Butter. I agree with the Beyond Belief. This smelled like ass. It wasn't buttery either. It was rather like a lotion consistency. And I'm OK with that misnomer. But the smell...gag. I was using this at night and putting on cotton gloves to moisturize my cuticles. But even after I washed my hands, my face and then showered, my hands still smelled like something shitty and moldy. TEE-AUSE!

Of course, these opinions are solely mine and my experience with them. Maybe you have some of these products and they are the bomb for you. Leave me a comment and let me know. Or, maybe you even agree with me. Feel free to leave a comment, either way.


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