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Friday, March 2, 2012

Toss or Trash: February 2012 Part 2

Posted by Libby's Pink Vanity at 3/02/2012 07:45:00 PM
These next two parts are going to talk trash. Yep, MY trash too. But this is trash you can even share with your Grandma...
Ta Da...My first photoshopped photo! The top one was the only one in focus so I had to attempt to correct. Can't complain because I did this without any instructions.

Let me list the products, from left to right, starting in the back: Lendan Infinitime; Zoya Remove+; Garnier Moisture Rescue; Silk Elements Shea Butter with Olive Oil; WT??? That stinky-ass body butter!; Avon Moisture Therapy lip balm; Olan Laboratories Nail Optimizer; Avon High Definition mascara.

Starting with the age delay perfection skin serum; Infinitime. That's a hard name to say! I won this in a giveaway from Australia. It's expensive and the packaging is pretty. If I could get it again, I don't think I would. I liked it but it wasn't anything special. My skin was moisturized and soft. But that's about it and I have plenty of other moisturizers that match up.

Next is Zoya's Remove+. If you are reading nail blogs and haven't read about this, I'm going to take your temperature because you must be feverish! This polish remover is famous and loved by many. I'm in that group. I bought a huge bottle and use this pump at the vanity. Well, this one is thrown away; I have a second one. My dried, crackled, whacked cuticles love this product. Totally recommend!

Next is Garnier Moisture Rescue. I love this cleanser. It is my favorite skin care item on the vanity at the moment. When I wash my face, it will dried out in a matter of minutes. I get a few more minutes with Moisture Rescue. This stuff is creamy, gentle, removes my makeup and doesn't turn my face into a desert. Love it...lots!

Now we are on to Silk Elements Shea Butter with Olive Oil. That's a lot of moisturizing properties in there. My hands cheer every night when I use this. I slather on a healthy amount and into the cotton gloves they go. And this hand cream smells GOOD!! I got this at Sally's before Christmas. I got two because I was going to save one back for part of a giveaway package. This one is done and I took the prize.

Front row and I'm not EVEN going to talk about that icky-stinky butter. Go here if you have to know about it. Blech! (I did fail to mention I purchased it at Sally's.)

The next two are favorites. The lip balm is Avon's Moisture Therapy and I keep one of these on my nightstand. I use this right before turning in. To make it short, I have dry lips but I never let them get dry. I like Moisture Therapy lip balm because it has no taste, no smell. During the day, I like a nice smelling gloss or balm, but not at bedtime.
And next to the balm is Olan Laboratories Nail Optimizer. I was turned onto this nail treatment by a nail tech I went to when I lived in Virginia Beach, VA. My nails are on the weak side so she recommended this as a base coat to help strengthen my nails and to hold the polish on. It works. When I moved her to Orlando, I found that Ulta sold this. But, sadly, they had it in the clearance bin. I went to 3 different Ulta's to buy up what was left. I'm set for a while. Luckily. That will give me time to see where else I can find it or a replacement product.

And next, down in front, is Avon's High Definition Mascara in black. It was OK. But I have a lot, tons of mascara. High Definition doesn't stand out so I won't seek out to replace it. In fact, it may be discontinued. No worries.

Our trash days are Tuesday and Friday. All these got sent to the curb last night. Those items that I liked, I have already replaced. Others are replaced by something I already have.

But wait...there's more! I was so trashy in February. I will continue on with Part 3 next.

Let me know if you have tried any of these and what your opinion is.


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