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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

China Glaze Serves Up Foie Gras From The Hunger Games

Posted by Libby's Pink Vanity at 2/29/2012 03:50:00 PM
I'm wearing this polish now and I don't know if I can remove it. Well, I have to; there are just too many other cool polishes in China Glaze's 'Hunger Games' collection.

This is the first one I grabbed out of the bag...

And what a winner it is!

This is 'Foie Gras'. As beautiful as the word is, I don't like what it is. Moving on...

'Foie Gras' polish is a creamy milk chocolate color. It makes me what a piece of Godiva chocolate. I have 2 coats on with no top coat. I'm really surprised I got away with just 2 coats. I felt that the polish was on the thick side but it did even out very well. 

Getting ready to line up the next shade from the Hunger Games collection, I picked out 'Riveting'. Perfect name for this stunning shimmery orange with a sprinkle of gold flecks...

I felt a compulsion coming over me so I went with it...

Sort of a neh....not something I want as a full manicure. But, at least, I satisfied my curiosity.

Then, came 'Luxe and Lush'. This is one to gush over...

 I could have taken hundreds of photos because I love flakies and I love iridescent glitter...

What a wicked combination.

'Luxe and Lush' is a tad gritty. 'Riveting' is totally smooth. Both are shown as one coat. 'Riveting' needs to work alone so, that is the next shade to swatch.

How these polish names match up to the story Hunger Games, I don't know. I'm totally honest when I say that I have not read any of the Hunger Games trilogy. I'll gain no fans but, it doesn't seem like a story line I would be interested in. I think the story sounds like Stephen King's The Running Man and, The Long Walk. However, every time I mention that I have not read the book(s), I'm told that they are really GOOD. OK, using my Kindle Fire, I can borrow the book from Amazon's lending library. I'll read it.

Do you agree that 'Foie Gras' is a rich color? Interesting to see such a dark collection in the spring time, don't you think so?


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