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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Introducing New Mineral Makeup Shadows by Gabrielle Faust

Posted by Libby's Pink Vanity at 10/02/2010 08:38:00 PM
If you thought I only obsess about nail polish, I'm going to try and convince you otherwise.

I love mineral makeup.  I have lots of it.  I have more than I will ever use up.  I have found more companies, lately, that make their own mineral collections than I could imagine.  I could name names of those that have turned me on to this new world of indie mineral makeup.  But, I will not blame anyone.  I love playing with minerals.

Here's a new mineral shadow line at Overall Beauty. This is a line collaborated with Gabrielle Faust.  She has a cool moniker and a logo to match.  She should get this as a tattoo! 

Ms. Faust is an acclaimed horror author who pens novels with vampire themes.  Her website has her full biography and accomplishments listed.  And now, she can add cosmetics to a long list of achievements.

Here are just three of the shadows from an eight color set.  You can check them all out at Overall Beauty.
This is 'Vampire Kiss.'  It's a matte, rich burgundy that reminds me of a very red wine.  I like using this color as an eyeliner.
'Sanctified Snow' is a white that gives an iridescent shimmer.  You have to see the swatches to see it perform.  Here, it looks matte, doesn't it?  Great for a highlight.  Or, dab a small amount right in the middle of your lower lip after you apply your lip color.  Then use a lip brush to gently blend it out.  Instant pout!
Here's 'Aftermath.'  Even though it's a matte, it's a smokey brown that has a tinge of burnt purple in it.  Another one for an eyeliner but perfect for the eye crease and smoking it out.

All three of these worked together for me.  The mattes blend nicely if you layer them lightly and build.  'Sanctified Snow' can even be layered over the mattes to transform them into shimmers.  Here I sampled them on my hand sans a primer.
Here they are in the order I listed above.  This is in the lightbox.

These are outside and the last is blurred to show you Sanctified Snow's opalescent glimmer.

I am having fun with these shades.  I like using the 'Vampire Kiss' and mixing it in with a clear lipgloss.  Vampy!  And that's just what this collection is: vampy, seductress, mysterious.  The same words that describe Gabrielle Faust's novels and even, herself.

Don't you think these would be perfect for the fall season?

These products were given to my by Overall Beauty to review and give my honest opinion.


The Peach on October 3, 2010 at 1:03 AM said...

Beautiful colors! I guess I'm not familiar with Gabrielle Faust, but love her collection at Overall Beauty!

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