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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A $78 Savings on Gloves That Warms My Heart as Well

Posted by Libby's Pink Vanity at 11/15/2011 08:06:00 PM
Even if someone has money to burn, most folks still like to save money. I don't know any big lottery winners but I can tell you this; if I would ever win, I'd still look for deals. To me, it's fun.

So, this savings was a LOT of fun! Listen up...

I'm going to Denver this Christmas to share it with my family. It's cold there since I'm sweating living in Florida. I get to dust my coat off and wear gloves and hats. But also, I'm running three times a week and I do it early in the morning.

There were a couple of mornings where I wore a running jacket and gloves because it was rather cool outside. I shed them after a while as I warmed up, but I was happy to have them.

Looking through the current Land's End catalog, I spied cute beanie hats.
Cost is $29.50. I coughed on that price! For heaven's sake! It's just a beanie!

Well, I wanted some gloves too. I found those as well here.
These cost $29.50 as well. Don't look at the price of the cashmere ones, that one hurt my face!!!

Did I dare look for earbands with Land's End?
Listed price is $19.50.

So I was looking at spending $78.50, not including the $5.95 shipping. Grand total of $84.45. Gulp.

The next day, I had a project to do at Walmart. Those are usually pretty good merchandising projects. Once I finished, I was walking down the center 'action alley' and out of the corner of my eye, I saw hats and gloves hanging on a shelf. What? Stopping dead in my tracks, you bet I looked! I saw PINK!

And here's what I got...
An earband, multi-colored pink knit gloves and a pink knit beanie.

Can I just show you the prices?

So, that's $1.40 for the beanie, $2 for the gloves and $3 for the earband. Total cost is $6.40. That's just 45 cents more than the postage I'd pay with Land's End.

Cost difference is a savings of $78.05.

OK, it is very obvious that the quality is a BIG difference. However, since I'm only wearing these for a week at Christmas and maybe a few times running this winter, why do I need to spend over $25, much less, $85 for winter items!???

I love my Land's End shoes and mock turtlenecks. They are quality, good stuff. Sometimes going with the name brand just doesn't work for me. And, hey, can you just not dig those colors??!!!


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