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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tis The Season To Dupe

Posted by Libby's Pink Vanity at 11/17/2011 06:31:00 PM
This could be the first post of a series on 2011 Holiday Dupes (or 'duplicates').

Some of these are just down-right dupes and some are so close that you can, probably, get away with one or the other.

Let's start and get you warmed up for the actual Holiday Dupes with a random polish trial. These are not from any current, Holiday collection. On that note, you could easily wear these polishes during the Holidays, should you be inclined to.

These will be glittery beige and shimmery beige polishes.

Please pay attention, readers. Group A will be using just the middle two polishes in this photo. The second from the left is Cosmetic Arts no name (I'll call it 'Beige Sand'). Next to that one is Urban Outfitter's 'Afterhours.'

And here they are side by side...
Identical twins, maybe?

I'm swatching them together one my left hand, alternating nails...
'Beige Sand' is on my thumb, middle and pink nails. 'Afterhours' is on my index and ring nails.

Perfect match, I say.

Now, this is Group B, for the right hand, the shimmer beige set...
I'm going to use just 2 of these; on the far left is China Glaze's 'Swing Baby.' The middle polish is Sally Hansen Diamond Strength 'Shining Moment.'

Not too much of a difference within the bottle...

Here's what they look like on my nails...

'Shining Moment' is on my thumb, middle and pinky nail. I applied 'Swing Baby' on my index and ring nail. These photos make them look so similar. However, look at it from another angle...
Ahh, caught 'cha!!! On the index and ring nail, 'Swing Baby' is a beige that has more of a silver cast. It looks like a darker beige compared to the more orange-tinged 'Shining Moment' on the middle and little nail.

This is my opinion...
Urban Outfitter's 'Afterhours,' on the index and ring nail, is a complete dupe to Cosmetic Arts' self-named 'Beige Sand.'

And, a close imposter (though, which one is the original, and which one is the imposter?)...
China Glaze's 'Swing Baby' on the index and ring nail is a lighter beige than Sally Hansen's 'Shining Moment.'

Share your you think Group A polishes are identical? And with Group B, which one do you like best?


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