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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Wet 'n Wild Baked Collection Swatches

Posted by Libby's Pink Vanity at 11/08/2011 07:04:00 PM
The new, Baked Eye Shadows by Wet 'n Wild, have been showing up at Walgreens more and more. There are not too many shadow palettes in the Wet 'n Wild display so if you find these, don't hedge on them.

These are the holiday palettes and the theme is baked, which is exactly the method used to make these shadows. At the top is 'Baked Not Fried', the neutrals; next is 'Baking a Cake', the purples/pinks; and last is 'Bake-Off Contest', the blues. Each palette, also, has a coordinating eyeliner pencil that comes in the set.

Here are swatches of 'Baked Not Fried'...

The top swatch line is the eyeliner pencil. Great pigmentation.

Next is 'Baking A Cake'...

The far right swatch mark is the slightly shimmery, black eyeliner pencil. These shadows are silky and have great color payoff.

And last is 'Bake-Off Contest'...

I don't use a lot of blue eyeshadow. Probably because it can see like I'm stuck in the '70's or '80's. For me, it would be '80's because I didn't wear makeup in the '70's. :) However, these shades are just too pretty to not use. That top swatch mark is the silvery-blue eyeliner pencil. There's no hiding the twinkle in these shadows.

The verdict I will share with you is that these palettes are sweet. They are so heavily pigmented that I will mention, if you use these, go with a very light hand in the beginning. Work on building up slowly. And you'll find that these shades blend really well.

This doesn't please me to show you this, but you need to see what the eye area of a 49 year old looks like (I do think I've done a great deal in taking care of my eye area, however)...

I used the neutral palette, 'Baked Not Fried.' The colors blended so nicely. And, this shot was taken later in the afternoon. I was working with seeing how long the baked shadows would last using Too Faced Shadow Insurance. I don't think it did too bad.

Do you think you'll be picking up any or all of these palettes? They get thumbs up from me.


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