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Saturday, November 12, 2011

I Spy...Walgreens 11/11/11

Posted by Libby's Pink Vanity at 11/12/2011 07:21:00 PM
These are a few random products I found on those top shelves at a Walgreens...

 New designs from Sally Hansen's Salon Effects Nail Stripes.

Cool, eh?

Then I saw this larger display...
It's a new display for Revlon. First, I think they are just waiting to make some room for this one because it says 'Holiday Season'. Next, I was holding my camera over my head to snap these photos. It was too large of a display to take down safely.

But I did take some pieces down to show...

There's glosses and polishes. Oh, peek!!! There's a $1 off coupon pad on it too!

I got up on one of the stools that the store uses. So I always feel guilty helping myself. Thus, I hurried and didn't get any names of these cuties.

I know, you're surprised to hear me say I'm guilty when I do this. There is a tinge of guilt. But not enough to stop me! Anyhoo, I thought this was a cool murky olive polish. I almost got this one too.

OK, everything I take single shots of I want...

I do NOT need any more clear, glittery lip gloss (repeated until I left the store).

And one last display...

See the first two on the left and how they are not matched up with the same colors in the back row? That's because I took them down, looked at them, figured they were new, then ran out to my car and got my camera.

This spy project isn't a good one. My instincts told me that I was going to get asked to stop. That didn't happen. However, the young lady that was working in the cosmetics department told me to be careful when she found me standing on their stool. I think she remembered me as the 'nail blog lady.'

Anything here tease you?


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