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Monday, November 7, 2011

Unforgettable Moment's Amethyst Polish

Posted by Libby's Pink Vanity at 11/07/2011 08:33:00 PM
I posted, a few days ago, about Payless Shoes selling makeup. Click here to see the first post I did on their nail polish.

Today is another polish from the same line...

This is from Unforgettable Moments and this one is called 'Amethyst.' I'm not sure who they let name these polishes, because I don't recall ever seeing a burgundy-colored amethyst. At least not this deep.

Anyhoo, bad naming aside, I love this vampy burgundy!!! But, it isn't a creme. No, no, no....

It is a sparkling burgundy note.

'Amethyst' applied so well. I have on 3 coats only because when I went to apply a top coat, it created a bald spot. So for damage control, I went back and did a third coat.

Here you can see just a hint of that bald spot. But otherwise, I think the application was easy.

It did look like a creme at first, and in this indirect light, it looks so...
And this angle is washing all color out, so it does look almost black.

I like the sunny poses best...
And, just to fill you in a bit more, regarding my nails. I am trying another method of getting my cuticles into shape. I got some cotton gloves and I have been lathering on Proclaim Natural 7 Oil before putting the gloves on.

Then I go to sleep. Yep. I sleep with gloves on. And I'm going to keep doing it as it has really softened my cuticles and, even the backs of my hands feel smoother. My knuckles tend to get dry so this is helping them as well.

Now I have added Silk Element's Shea Butter with Olive Oil Hand Creme as well. That bumped up the softness factor even more. And now that I'm going through that, I'm on a totally strict 'no biting, cutting, picking' cuticle LAW!! So the cuticles are adhering to the bottom of my nails, I'm still working on the sides. If I can keep this up, and I'm very determined to, my nail self-esteem will be strong. :)

Both products I mentioned above can be purchased at Sally's. What is your beauty tip on taking care of your cuticles?


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