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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Comparison Polishes That Are Haute, Glitzy and Sparkly For The Holidays

Posted by Libby's Pink Vanity at 11/19/2011 06:26:00 PM
Let's compare a few more Holiday polishes, shall we?

This time we have Wet 'n Wild's 'It's All In The Cut' from the Ice Baby collection, up against Sally Hansen's 'Be-Jeweled,' which is from the Gem Crush collection...

Oh, these are sooooo dupe-y.

Take a gander and see what they look like on my nails...

On my thumb, middle and pink, I have SH's 'Be-Jeweled.' That leaves the index and ring nail to show WnW's 'All In The Cut.' All are with 2 coats and no top coat. They are so blingy, I can't see that a top coat would improve them. I would recommend it if you don't like the feel of gritty glitter or, if you plan on wearing the polishes longer than just the 24 hours I did.

I'd like to have you look closer and notice some issues...
Both of these had drag and bald areas. In fact, I had to dab the polish on in some spots to try and get rid of the bald areas. It worked in some areas but then would pull in others. See how this happened on my thumb?

Both of these polishes are a red-purple micro glitter with regular glitter and that glitter seems to be the same color or, maybe a bit more red and sparkly. I'm having difficulty pinning this one down.

But, can you tell the two polishes apart? I can't. They look identical. 

Here's another pair to check out...

On the left is Sally Hansen's 'Glitz Gal' from the Gem Crush collection. And the one on the right is China Glaze's 'Some Like It Haute.'  Both of these have blue-purple micro glitter and then is sprinkled with iridescent regular size glitter. Think of the evening sky where the sky begins to be dark enough for the stars to start twinkling. There you have these polishes' look.

These are another pair that are so close, I can't tell...

On the thumb, middle and pinky, that is 'Glitz Gal.' And on the index and ring, there you are looking at 'Some Like It Haute.' I stuck to the two coats and no top coat. Can you tell that these are beyond sparkly? I had fun twiddling my fingers in the sunlight.

I can't tell the different. But, again, as with the first 2 polishes, there was drag and patchy-ness. When I tried to fix one area, it would create another. Probably a third coat would have overcome this issue. But it really was only noticeable up close and not at a casual distance.

The easiest to apply was China Glaze's 'Some Like It Haute.' Wet 'n Wild's 'All In The Cut' was the thickest. But interestingly enough, all were very sheer with the first coat. This could make them a fairly good choice to use as a sparkly top coat. All were OK to remove. It did take some scrubbing with Zoya's Remove+ to get my nails clean.

I still have these polishes on while I'm writing this post. Even here in my home office, it is dim. However, these polishes are so incredibly sparkly they are shimmering and glowing. I'm easily transfixed on these very sparkle polishes that are available this Holiday season. It is with full confidence that I can tell you, these are my favorite types of glitter polishes.

Do you feel my descriptions are vivid enough? And, how do you feel about them being true dupes?


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