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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Traditional Sally Hansen Fall Manicure with a Couple of Twists

Posted by Libby's Pink Vanity at 11/03/2011 08:03:00 PM
I have an annual Fall manicure. I cannot tell you how old these two Sally Hansen polishes are but they are old! I bet this is one of the first glitter polishes that company ever made!!!

Click here to see where I blogged about this Fall look last year. I tweaked it then and I'm tweaking it again this year. Take a looky-see...
And then, on the right hand, more tweaking...

The one directly above I tried to take it out of focus to see that holo stuff going on with the ring finger.

OK, break downs...this is the core base colors I used...

Sally Hansen's 'Bronzegold Frost' is the annual Fall base color. This year's new base color is Zoya's 'Codie.'

 The traditional glitter top coat: Sally Hansen's 'Gilded Pink.' Doesn't look pink but copper to me.

And layering 'Gilded Pink' over 'Codie' it looks like a left over Halloween manicure. Pretty but I'm so ready to move on from Halloween.

On my right hand, I did the same base colors but with Kleancolor's 'Aurora' as the layering top coat...

Sometimes the star glitter came out, most of the time it just stayed in the bottle. But the effects of the iridescent glitter is enough. I wish they wouldn't have even bothered with the star glitter.

There's no wedding planned but I think of it as 'something old, something new...' Here's hoping you look forward to your Holiday traditions whether they are old or new, or a beautiful mixture of both.


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