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Thursday, February 2, 2012

I Spy....Katy Perry False Eyelashes and a Neutral Palette

Posted by Libby's Pink Vanity at 2/02/2012 08:21:00 PM
Even though I haven't read anything new in the beauty world that has piqued my interest, I still look. Yet it can be like going into a candy store with a $20 bill! There are some coming soon products I want but I'm trying to wait....oh, please hurry!!!!

I did find a display of Katy Perry's false eyelashes at Ulta though...

There are four different styles and I don't think any of them are demure. But then, Katy isn't demure, herself!

I like falsies that are just a bit less dramatic. But if you want to bat some serious lashes, these are some to try.

Last week, I went into Forever 21. I had no business in there, as I'm trying to maintain a budget on products, but I had to see if they had any new, spring nail polishes. I did find some but, I also found this...

Rats! What do I need another shadow palette for!!? Well, here's how I talked myself into it. I would love to get the new Urban Decay Naked 2 set. But I'm too stingy to pay $49. However, this love & beauty palette of neutral shades was only $9.80. Wow! That's a bargain and it could quench my Naked 2 thirst. It has for the past 6 days...

I'd never tell you that this palette even comes close to an UD palette; I know better! But they are pretty. There are shimmers and mattes and I haven't found a chalky one yet. In fact, all that I have tried, so far, have blended really good.

Naturally, I could just fawn and drool over a new, unused palette, without touching any...

Have you ever played 'shadow roulette'? I randomly pick three shadows and make a look with them. I do cheat a bit and preselect a brow bone highlight color. It flexes my makeup creativity, all just for fun. And when I learn how to take decent look of the day photos, I'll share these with you.

Have you played 'shadow roulette'?...anyone? (OK, forget that I told you about this and asked the question.....) But.... are you doing with your beauty/nail polish budget so far this year????


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