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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Anastasia Beverly Hills: Lash Genius and The See and Be Seen Kit

Posted by Libby's Pink Vanity at 6/17/2012 04:35:00 PM
When I was contacted by the people of Anastasia Beverly Hills, I was on cloud 9! I am familiar with Anastasia Beverly Hills as they have been written about in almost every glamour magazine I read. And just about a month ago, there was a recent photo of Oprah leaving the Beverly Hills studio, as she has her brows 'done' there. And, it doesn't stop there, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez and Selena Gomez are clients as well.

Let's talk about what Anastasia Beverly Hills is all about. First, here is one of the products they sent to me...
All of these items are new and you can find them in fine department stores, Ulta, Sephora, and of course, their 2 salons in California and online.

I opened this box first...
This is a ViewFinder. I had to laugh and then run and show the hubs this. When I was a kid, Grandma had one in our toy box at her house. There were photos from all over the world on several discs. Wow...what memories. And there was no manual, nothing electrical or battery-operated with this toy. And, Anastasia provided one to travel the benefits of their products. How cool!

Then, I opened the next box...

This is the 'See and Be Seen' kit that has some of their newest products included. In it are two HydraFull Gloss colors in 'Heiress' and 'Plastic'; the new caramel tinted Brow Gel; and ILLUMIN8 Shadow duo called 'On Set'.

First, let's visit the brow gel...
This gel has just a hint of color, as you'll see in my photo shortly, and has fortified botanical hair conditioners and essential oils. This is truly a gel and isn't anything like using a regular mascara on the brows. What a better way to keep your brow hairs in great condition as well as in position.

The shadow duo 'On Set' is easy for me to recommend because not only are the shades pretty, but also complimentary nude colors that will work with most complexions...

What pretty colors and I wish I could have captured the shades better. They are a soft pink and a golden hue. These shadows can be used wet or dry.

There are two exceptional lip tints which help hydrate the lips as well as make them appear fuller. I need both of those benefits! And, as a pleasant surprise, this gloss actually stained my lips so the color really does last a long time. And I'm talking all day...
As you may have noticed, the applicator is a plastic spatula. It's flexible but it was different for me to use. I have seen many artist use a palette knife rather than brushes to create paintings. This is the same concept. It was tricky for me to apply but after the first few times, I was getting the hang of it. However, this isn't a gloss I'll be able to apply without looking in the mirror.
The first swatch is 'Plastic' and the middle swatch is 'Heiress'. The next swatch is the Brow Gel.

And here I'm going to rave about the shadows. I'm often using the cliche that shadows apply like butter. So, what's the next thing beyond that? Because, that is what these two are! Go back and take a look at those swatches...they are just one stroke with the sponge applicator!! Naming it 'ILLUMIN8' is spot on. And Anastasia added in a bit more too; it firms and smooths the appearance of the skin while softening and hydrating it. I am swearing on the Vanity that it does.

This is 'Lash Genius'...
 Your favorite mascara isn't waterproof? No worries! Anastasia has got you, and your lashes, covered. 'Lash Genius' is the first of its kind as it will instantly waterproof any mascara. Oh, my goodness, is this perfect for hot and humid summer days. 

So, with your own mascara, 'Lash Genius' will promote healthy lashes by keeping them from being brittle, breaking and being pulled out like with some waterproof mascaras. Heck, you can even use it with false lashes! After you put on your falsies, add your mascara and top it all off with 'Lash Genius'. It will even help seal down the falsies allowing them to look more natural.

So, there is no tint to 'Lash Genius'...
I have to show you a little experiment I did...
I put on Kleancolor's Chick Flick mascara on both eyes, and only used the 'Lash Genius' on my LEFT lashes. IT made them appear fuller.

 Ohh...scary nose! Don't look at THAT! Look at my eyes!

 There I am wearing 'Heiress' HydraFull Gloss.

And I used the 'ILLUMIN8' palette for these looks.

But I wanted to show you that Anastasia's shadows play very nice with other makeup I already have...

 And I'm wearing 'Plastic' HydraFull Gloss.

I used a matte purple on the outer third of my lids from the 'Dancing In The Clouds' Wet 'n Wild collection. For the brow highlight, I used another Wet 'n Wild palette from the baked limited edition set. I also used Wet 'n Wild's liquid eyeliner in brown. In all the photos, I am wearing the Brow Gel. I used 'Lash Genius' over my Kleancolor mascara on both eyes.

The 'See and Be Seen' kit is $44. The 'Lash Genius' is $21. (Edited to add, all these products in this review are cruelty-free!!)

And last, I want to share with you a video clip provided by Anastasia Beverly Hills on how to use the 'Lash Genius'...
You don't have to limit yourself to just this one video. Anastasia Beverly Hills has a YouTube channel where you can get a lot of tips on using their collection of products.

These products were provided to me for my honest review. These are my honest opinions.


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