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Monday, June 18, 2012

My New Favorite Product: XFusion Keratin Hair Fibers For Hair Loss

Posted by Libby's Pink Vanity at 6/18/2012 08:20:00 PM
For the last two years that I have attended the Premiere Orlando Show, I look for the one item that blows me away. Last year it was the Macadamia Nut Oil. This year it is XFusion: Keratin Hair Fibers.
I could have traded in everything I got while at the show for the opportunity to discover this product.

In a nutshell, this is a product that hides thinning or balding hair. The reason I'm beyond giddy about this product will be evident in the before and after photos I show at the end of the post. But, don't cheat! You gotta learn about this BOSS product first!!!

These are the main, two items...
There is the Keratin Hair Fibers in the canister and, then there is the dispenser that goes on top of the canister. This 'puffs' the fibers out, directly where you aim it.

The canister holds the fibers. There are 9 different colors to select from too. Since my roots tend to be darker than the ends of my hair, Light Brown, is my color...
When you open the canister, you can see that it has a shaker top. You can use this to apply the fibers. However, I use the dispenser.
And to do that, you unscrew the shaker top...
Then you screw on the puffer top...
There's a travel cover on the end of the nozzle. I keep it on when I'm not using the product. 

So, I aim the nozzle at the area I want to cover and pump on the round top to 'puff' the fibers out. I like the nozzle because I only have a small area to apply it to and this focuses right in there.

Once I have applied the amount I want, I then use a setting spray to hold it in place...
That's the spray in the upper right corner. It's like hair spray and, I guess you could just use regular hair spray but, this doesn't make my hair feel dried out. And, it really has a nice fragrance; not like some regular hair sprays.

Of course, this product is for both genders. In the kit, there are these two templates...

You can set these at the hairline and shake or spray XFusion over it. This will make for a more nature look to the hairline. And, this was important to me: XFusion fibers do not rub, sweat or blow off. (Take THAT, Florida Summertime!!) The fibers cling to the hairs around it and give the illusion of a fuller head of hair. But, you do have to have some hairs for the fibers to cling to.

OK, this is why I'm totally in love with this product...I have genetic-based hair loss. My Mom has it so I didn't panic when I noticed my hair thinning right above my temples. I complained and whined about it though. And, my friends and hair stylist, all share their recommendations of potions and shampoos and such to fix it. But, the truth is, it's genetic and it's hormonal. Now, I no longer need to overly-fuss with my bangs trying to hide thin spots.

Here's the before...
And the after...
These photos are from when I tried XFusion the very first time too. I'm so delighted that it really IS that easy to use. Now that I've been using it a couple of weeks, I'm even better at applying it.

This is a product that is purchased at hair salons. On the XFusion website, you can go to their locator page and find the closest location that sells it.

There are many different reasons a person can experience hair loss. Sometimes, it is hormonal and genetic, like mine. I suppose it will progress as I get older too. Sometimes hair loss can be temporary as with medication side effects or stress. I do recommend that if you experience sudden or unexplained hair loss that you see a doctor. It could be a serious medical issue that would need to be addressed right away.

This is my favorite of the show and may well be my favorite product of the year. It's instant gratification; no waiting for something to grow, or work, or costly hair club stuff. I have no visible thinning spots and a whole lot more of confidence!


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