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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Facial Wipe Wednesday: Simple For Sensitive Skin

Posted by Libby's Pink Vanity at 6/06/2012 06:37:00 PM
In my last beauty bag that Target sent me, there was a trial size for Simple facial wipes. This, and a mention from my friend Steph, at Imperfectly Painted, gave me the idea to do this series. 

Steph said that she felt like she was cheating using a facial wipe rather than a cleanser and a wash cloth. I don't think that's cheating one bit. A cheat would be to forego washing all together. My sister is the only one I personally know who feels that washing your face before bedtime is over-rated. I have always washed my face before bed. 

Along with a trial size of Simple, I also got a coupon, which I promptly redeemed for a full-size version. Here are photos of my trial size...
I like these wipes. Simple is particularly made for those with sensitive skin. They have, virtually, no scent. They are effective, yet gentle. The packaging lists the wipes as safe for sensitive skin and contact lens wearers. I might add to that, for me, someone who has had Lasik eye surgery. (My eyes are more sensitive to rubbing since I had Lasik 5 years ago; particularly my right eye, since I had a 'touch up' done to it last year.) 
During a trial of 7 days, I wear different types of mascara, liners, blushes, etc. to see how consistent the wipes will be, even if I'm not consistent with what types of makeup I use. It seems that the Holy Grail for facial cleansers, wipes or otherwise, is to remove waterproof mascara. I had complete success with Simple.

Simple lists that it has one vital vitamin in it: Vitamin B5. I'd say Vitamin B5 is important. It tells your skin to slough off when it dies and for the living cells to take in and hold nutrients. Simple lists that it is not drying, not greasy, and I agree. I didn't feel either of these effects.

So, quite simply, Simple is recommended by the Vanity. I recommend this to anyone that has skin irritation issues and reactions to perfumes or dyes in cosmetics. Thanks to Target and Simple for the sample in the Beauty Bag. You won yourself a customer!

Have you tried Simple? Did you know they have a complete line of skincare?


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