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Friday, June 15, 2012

Toss or Trash: May 2012

Posted by Libby's Pink Vanity at 6/15/2012 08:38:00 PM
There is so much to blog about that I'm overwhelmed and backlogged. It's not a bad thing as I know many bloggers get writer's block or get uninspired. So, I'm looking at this as a very positive situation. And, maybe a reason to bump up to more than 6 posts a week. That is mostly dictated by how much time I have, however.

There is one downside of doing a monthly 'Toss or Trash' post; it makes the year feel like it is going by a lot faster. So, are we really halfway done with this year!?

It doesn't seem like I had a lot of products for May's edition. Nevertheless, here we go...
These two are trash, but I'd get them again! Especially the Dove Shea Butter Cream Oil Body Wash. This was nice! It made my skin feel soft and moisturized, just what I'd expect from anything with shea butter. The fragrance of this one is warm vanilla and brown sugar scent. Love!!!

This Details Bath & Body spray is something I've used off and on for several years. I don't even know if they make this fragrance anymore. And, that's why I was hoarding it. This is Sparkling Champagne; 2 Phase Body Mist; Tuscan Sunset. It smelled yummy. Again, something with a bit of vanilla in it. The mist had two different liquids in it so one floated above the other, like oil and vinegar. I liked that there was oil in this as my skin needs loves moisturizers.

Not a whole lot of makeup this time around...
I figured with Cover Girl's Lash Blast Fusion mascara being in this huge-ass tube that it would last at least 3 years. Well, it didn't last that long. Not even close. I think the only time I've had a mascara dry up this fast was in one of those no-name Christmas makeup sets. This has a huge-ass brush to it too and I did like it while it was fresh. This is a toss. (OK, I had it less than a year however, I didn't use it daily.)

Next are some doozy tosses...

Starting on the left is elf's liquid eyeliner in 'Pearl'. Should be called putty because it wasn't liquid, per se. The tip of this eyeliner is hard like a pencil and not a flexible brush. There was no 'line' in this 'eyeliner'. It was globby.

Next is another Walgreen's clearance disaster. This is Maybelline's 'Pink of Me' lipstick. I'm sorry I don't know what collection or type this lipstick is. But I can tell you where it's going: to the trash. Granted, it was $1.75 in the clearance bit AND, I had a $1 off coupon. But jiminy, Walgreens, don't put the spoiled crap on clearance! In last month's Toss or Trash edition, I had the same experience with the Yes To Carrots lip balm. Let me say that this lipstick was stinky like 'falling behind the vanity and forgotten for 7 years' stinky. It is such a pretty color too. 
I am really picky about purchasing nail treatments. At least I thought I was. I thought this one was going to be good just on looks alone. This is Sally Hansen's VitaSurge cuticle gel. Sounds effective but, it sucked. It didn't moisturize my cuticles. It just left them with a gooey, sticky feeling. That was with rubbing it in well too.

Well, I did try another cuticle oil and even though I liked this one, it wasn't worth the money. But I only have myself to blame. I let one of those mall kiosk people talk me into not only getting one set of a hand and nail care kit but TWO because I was getting a GREAT DEAL!
Don't judge. Just let me be an example that most of those kiosks that sell beauty items are totally overpriced. I had buyer's remorse and this kiosk had the nerve to call security on me when I wanted a refund. This brand is Seacrest and is supposed to be from the Dead Sea. Whatever. It was a good cuticle oil, as I mentioned. But I could have picked it up for peanuts on ebay. This is trash but I will not be purchasing again.

When I was subscribing to Birchbox, I did get a lot of samples that I liked trying. And this one was a nice size to sample. It's Redken's Shine Flash 02 glistening mist. When I think of a 'mist', I think of a pump and not a spray but, this is a spray like hairspray. Anyway, I wasn't seeing a significant difference in shine when I used this. So it isn't something I'll buy a full-size one.

I read a lot of beauty blogs that also love candles. Me too!...
My candles get sooty because I burn them in a room with a ceiling fan. Hey, it's Florida here and you bet your candle flame I'm going to keep my fans on!
From the left: Winter Cabin (loved and a favorite), S'mores (was OK, just not a favorite), Kitchen Spice (nice to have in the living room) and Wild Strawberry (I liked it but don't feel the need to get it again). 

I used the Details spray every day. I rarely, before doing this series, would use a fragrance two days in a row. I, truly, have so much perfume and bath lotions and potions I can rotate them all year and not have the same smell. And, I found I get kind of bored using the same fragrance almost all month. 

How about you like to rotate with different fragrances or, do you have a signature perfume?


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