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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Goth Celebrates Its 30th Anniversary

Posted by Libby's Pink Vanity at 5/15/2010 07:36:00 PM
OK...I'm lying a little bit; it's not really Goth's anniversary.  But really, how long as the Goth look been around?  Sorry, young-ins but your parents might have been Goth.  Hee hee!  I did it for a bit in the mid 80's and then again in the mid 90's.  That was dress up at its max!

Here's a little secret...Well, maybe it's a BIG secret.  I almost named this blog 'Behind My Husband's Back.'  But that sounded too shady.  However, it would be fitting.  Gulp!  I hope he doesn't read this.  If so...I LOVE YOU, HONEY!!!

After visiting Ulta this week, I found out I had $4 in credit to spend. I said thanks, but would hold onto it until I was really broke. But on the way out, what did I spy, but a cute little package sitting on the Ulta makeup endcap. There were only 5 left! They were dark and mysterious! They spoke of vampires and blood! They were...MINE!!! At $9.95 and with my $4 credit, heck, it was a no-brainer!

Here are my lovelies:
This was a hard package to take a picture of.  They are so dark that it had to be a flash photo to show up.  Here's one I took outside in the evening:
Hmmmm...not very appealing in this light either.  It is going to help when I can begin taking better pictures.  You know those people that buy electronics that is too complicated for them to use?  :/

So, these little gems are called: Black Lace; Tainted Love; For Bitten; After Hours; Underground.  

I have them in the package shown in order.  I had taken them out of the package and then decided it was best to show them in it.  Now they are out of order and I have to put them in whilst figuring out what color is which.  Difficult to do when the teeny, tiny label on the bottom of the bottle has such tiny, microscopic print.  Ugh!  I used my reading glasses, then used the glasses while trying a flash light on them.  Finally, I googled the set so I could distinguish the colors.  Oh boy.

Swatching them will come later.  Here's a quick run down.  Black Lace is super dark molten gray.  No sparkle to it.  Tainted Love is a very dark green with flashes of gold and turquoise.  For Bitten shows as an incredibly deep burgundy that flashes out with tiny burgundy sparkles.  After Hours looks like a dark, dark purple that sparkles flecks of purple.  And finally, Underground, which is the deepest teal I've ever seen.  Red is always a favorite of mine so the For Bitten looks like it will be my favorite from this collection.  I'm looking forward to trying these out.  In the meantime, you can check out the review by Stash Swatch .  

Now off to find my black lipstick.


jo on May 15, 2010 at 10:58 PM said...

In about 1987-88, my neighbor teenager was goth. I thought she was as cute as a button. lol I never did Goth, but have always liked it--Abby is one of our family's favorite characters on NCIS. lol

Maybe I'ma bit goth--I started dying my hair dark brown instead of medium or light brown because my roots come in so dark. Maybe I'm letting my inner goth shine through. =)


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