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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Purple Glitter Toes & Need For A Pedicure

Posted by Libby's Pink Vanity at 5/16/2010 09:53:00 AM
The pictures are a dead giveaway that I have not gotten a pedicure in a long time.  Like months.  This nail girl isn't giving her toes and feet the attention they really deserve.

When I tried on these colors, I had just recently had my fingernails done with the previous Pure Ice Outrageous that I posted about.  There was no way I wanted to mess up that professionally done manicure.  So I asked my husband to remove the former toe polish off for me.  Good grief!  The man is book smart, but he isn't worth diddly for doing a simple task of removing toe polish!  Truly, I had to bark out commands.  Methinks he really is smart and by doing a crappy job knows I'll never ask him to do THAT again.  

Before I change my polish MYSELF!!!, I wanted to show a swatch of the toe polish.  I used Love & Beauty from Forever 21 (grrr...curses to the person that turned me onto Forever 21! Never had been in the store until I read about it in a blog).  The miniature-sized bottle was part of a collection of miniature sizes along with lip glosses to match.  No name for this frosty purple color. (I always thought it would be fun to come up with polish names, so, this one shall be called 'Purple Haze')  It went on very thin and I have on 4 coats.  Then I topped it with a Love & Beauty purple glitter (no name, but I grant thee 'All A Flutter').  This no name polish coated thin too.  What's in the bottle looks much darker than how it presents.  I used Seche Clear for the top coat.
 I forgot to mention I 'tested' a Sally Hansen color on my second right toe.

Instead of splurging on nail polish, I should get that pedicure!  Poor, neglected toes.  They need love and attention too, you know.

Do you tend to your toes better than I do?  What colors do you like on your toes?  Do you think your toes are pretty or cute?  Comment away!


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