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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Orchids Oil for Shine and Moisture

Posted by Libby's Pink Vanity at 8/24/2010 02:47:00 PM
Overallbeauty has added a new product to their growing list of offerings.  The new haircare product is Orchids Oil by White Sands.

Orchids Oil is an oil that is all-around perfect for dry hair that also has frizz, fly aways and is in need of shine.   This clear oil has no artificial pigments or dyes in it.  It has more of a serum consistency rather than that of an oil.  With that, it allows for a smooth application into the hair.  A small drop or two, rubbed between the hands and massaged into the hair is all it takes.

My poor, dried out hair.  Since November, it has been through a lot.  Almost any process you can do to ones' hair, it has been through.  Even though I have lots of hair, it is thin.  And sadly, I was abusing it.  Orchids Oil has come to its rescue.  And my hair was in dire need of a life raft.
    (This photo reflects some of the items I received to review.  The other items do not come with Orchids Oil.)

First thing you know I did; smell it.  That was a pleasant surprise waiting to happen.  The fragrance is light and smells like lilacs.  Not only was I going to love having this fragrance in my hair but I also knew I would be using it as a perfume oil.  It smells that good.

Since Orchids Oil can be used on both dry and wet hair, I was eager to try it out.  When I poured a couple of drops into my hand, I was careful in tipping the bottle because I knew it was an oil.  However, it came out as a serum and didn't pour out overly fast.  It's not thick like honey though.  Very easy to dispense.  My only wish about this product is that it had a stopper so you could dispense just one or two drops without fear of pouring too much out.

It only took one drop smoothed along the top of my head to see that Orchids Oil isn't heavy,as long as you use just a tad in getting those fly away hairs under control.  Even though I have dry hair, I'm still prone to frizz in this Florida heat.  And because dry hair doesn't have much shine, this gave it a healthy shimmer without flattening my hair into a greasy mess.

Next, I used it on wet hair after a shower.  Now Orchids Oil really became my new BFF.  My hair drank it in.  Made it instantly soft.  And, even though it sounds cliche, it was more manageable.  Orchids Oil not only helps with detangling (and my hair rivals the wiring behind my computer) but helps protect it from thermal stress and damage.  That means that the blow dryer is not quite the nemesis it was before on my hair.

As I, uh hem, get older, my perfectly balanced skin is starting to get drier.  One of the banes of that is it makes the skin more likely to get wrinkles.  Horrors!!!  Who wants wrinkles??  Put some moisturizer on the skin and it will keep you glowing for a long time.  Saves you money on botox too.  I replaced my regular night cream with Orchids Oil.  With a light application, my skin absorbed the oil without a heavy, oily feel.  Just plain soft.

Orchids Oil comes in a cobalt blue bottle, known to keep UV rays from breaking down the oil.  This bottle is .34 fluid ounces.  Of course, a little will last you a long time.  And a real bonus, Orchids Oil is just $5 for this size!!  The full size, 3 oz, at $15, is still an amazing value.  Personally, I am amazed that something of this high quality can be so affordable.  Makes it way easier to tell you that I will continue to use this product, my new BFF.

This product was given to me by Overallbeauty to use and review.  This review is my honest and personal opinion.


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