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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Color Club's 'Almost Famous' Neon Yellow

Posted by Libby's Pink Vanity at 7/13/2011 08:23:00 PM
Care for some sunshine? Sure! Just hold the heat, please.

I have here, Color Club's 'Almost Famous' from the Poptastic collection. In real life, 'Almost Famous' is much brighter. But then, it was Almost Sunny when I snapped these photos.

'Almost Famous' made me say some infamous cuss words. What a snotty, B-rate actor this one is.  This is 4 coats; all done to get a smooth finish. I stopped counting and started cursing after the third redo. That's why I'm not showing you a boat-load of photos.

Along with sporting the neon polishes, I have been trying out some glitter sparklies with it.

I saddled up 'Almost Famous' with an orange glitter from Color Club's Pardon My French collection. Since the names of these are not on the bottles but on the package, I didn't hook up the name with this glitter. (Hee hee! I just found out my cussing seems to fit with Pardon My French. Who says that anyway? Well, I have to admit my hubs does. groan)

 This 'Prima Donna' doesn't photo as well as she truly looks. In this orangy base (which looks like the color of an orange gummy bear) is iridescent and orange glitter. The orange glitter is super micro.


In fact, it barely shows up over 'Almost Famous'. This look is 'almost famous' like a third place American Idol contestant. Boo...

However, I got two unsolicited compliments while wearing this shade. It's neon, though, and has a very loud presence.

While I'm hanging out at my desk, Sebastian hangs out with me. I turned around and found him doing yoga on my yoga block.

 No, don't be silly, that's not Angry Cat pose! That's 'using the block as a pillow' pose.

Do you wear neons? I haven't much in the past. But this summer, I seem to be gravitating to it.


Makeup and Mutts on July 13, 2011 at 10:22 PM said...

Awwww the cutest kitty ever! :)

I'll have to get some neons

The Peach on July 14, 2011 at 12:27 AM said...

Great yellow! Isn't today Wednesday? Don't you wear pink on Wednesdays? Maybe I missed it! And yes, I have been digging the neons. I've got a Cosmetic Arts pink neon on my toes right now. I've got a new Color Club neon orange with glitter waiting for next week!

Libby's Pink Vanity on July 14, 2011 at 7:46 AM said...

@Vintage Makeup He is the BEST cat ever! Love Neon polishes are tricky devils to apply, so be warned. ;)

@Peach The post before this one is my Wednesday pink. :) Neon on toes always goes!!!

MissMidnightBlue said...

Aww cute kitteh! I have warn a couple of neons this summer so far. :) i'll be wearing more. :)

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